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So is it safe to use your itunes account on osx86


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if you read your developer's newsletter carefully, there is a line in the mach kernel that actually probes the TPM. this info is saved in a special sector of the ram and is stored there until you make contact with any of apple's online ventures, such as buying stuff form apple store or itune store. if your computer doesnt have a TPM, then in the second bit from the end, there will be a 0. if it does probbed the TPM, then there will be 1. you'll need a memory hexadecimal editor to see if you have the 0 or 1. until this point, apple had no way of pairing the actual users and people who uses non-apple-authorized hardware. i can't remember exactly which issue of the dev newsletter now... maybe 4 or 5 issues ago. check your email and search for "TPM+apple store+itunes store" i'm sure its there.




btw, i just made that up :)

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