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  1. After some tinkering the sound is working again, but now i am stuf with the wrong device names etc any ideas?
  2. I have everything working but the sound, it was working but i needed to add more of the kext to the extension folder and after a reboot, no sound. also what would i need to do to change: the RAM from 667 to 880mHz the graphics card from nvidia 9400 --> nvidia 8800gts 640mb BTW thanks for the guide this is a close as i have gotten to getting os x to work fully.
  3. Hi all, I used this guide :http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=184367 to install os x 10.6, everything was booting fine, and I tried to use the fix from the guide for ALC888. but that failed (computer still boots) I then tried HDA Patcher 1.20, but after rebooting the PC crashes at the grey apple logo and comes up with a message telling me to restart. Question 1 is, how can I remove what HDA Patcher installed and get the sound working? The other problem is with my graphics card: foxconn 8800gts 640mb, Question 2: what do i need to do to get this working? and finally what is recommended to be used as the bootloader? I am a bit of a noob with this so bear with me (hardware is as follows) q6600 core 2 quad ga-p35-ds3l 4gb corsair xm2 RAM 500gb HDD (GUID) os x 10.6 foxconn 8800gts 640mb Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hi, I just used this guide http://www.iphonepc.com/IPhoneTutorials/Tu...ameleon_12.html to install osx86 10.5.4 on my pc with the following specs: intel core 2 quad q6600 4GB RAM 1 x 320 seagate HDD (ubuntu) 1 x 1.5 TB seagate HDD 1 x 500 Samsung HDD (windows xp/osx) 8800Gts 640mb GA-P35-DS3L It was taking ages to boot so I used the start up flag -v (verbose mode) to show where it was freezing, and found that when it gets to: NTFS Driver 2.1 flags [R/O], it hangs. However if you leave it long it long enough it boots in the end. When the GUI finally appears i get "failed to initialize disk:" any ideas how to fix the problem? Thanks in advance.
  5. teh_pwned

    Netgear WG311T

    Hi I have the same card and it is working fine in 10.5.1 Kalyway I assume you have tried this tut? http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=40317 and that you have edited the Networkinterfaces.plist and the preference.plist
  6. hey, hey i just wanted to make sure
  7. Just wanted to know if it is safe to use my itunes account on osx86 10.5.1?
  8. teh_pwned

    Cannnot boot without cd

    Yeah it should say something about it in the installer for the n00bs like me Unless this is not true for all installs. As the post below says. Maybe just put something like "If your OS X install will not boot with out the cd give your hard drive partition a name with no spaces in it.
  9. teh_pwned

    Kalyway Boot Problems

    I had the same problem http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry597466, not sure if yours is the same When i used the disk utility, i named the hard drive partition "Mac OS X Leopard" os x would not boot with out the dvd. But when i named the hard drive partition "MACOSX" it booted fine. So it could be something to do with spaces in the name. So if you named the partion on the hard drive with something that had spaces you could try a reinstall and use the disk utility to partition the hard drive and name it something that has no spaces.
  10. teh_pwned

    Cannnot boot without cd

    Found the problem I named the Hdd "Mac OS X Leopard", i searched the forums for a while and found that osx doesnt like spaces. So i reformated the hard drive and named it MACOSX and now it boots fine. Thanks for all yout help
  11. teh_pwned

    Cannnot boot without cd

    i am a noob with mac's can someone tell me what happens when OS X boots (KALYWAY 10.5.1 v8 efi) is efi the bootloader or darwin or do i need to install a boot loader my hdd is MBR and i chose the MBR boot loader Please help Thanks in advance
  12. teh_pwned

    Cannnot boot without cd

    Is what mkayz said the same as what caminoz said if not would i have to boot the mac installer and run the terminal from there or could i do run it from within the os? -- just a thought could it be my hard drive because i tried the guid method and the installer fails Or possibly my install dvd?
  13. teh_pwned

    Cannnot boot without cd

    Is there anyway to reinstall the boot loader, or is it a hdd problem if it is not even showing darwin
  14. teh_pwned

    Cannnot boot without cd

    I tried that but unfortunately that didnt work. Anymore ideas?(if there are any) Thanks in advance
  15. teh_pwned

    Cannnot boot without cd

    How would i do that? can i do it through osx? or manage it through windows and start from scratch again?