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[How To] Run Windows Mobile on your PC


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For those who want a way to test out Windows Mobile before buying your next Windows Mobile Smartphone, or if you just want to fool around with MS's Mobile operating system, this way is great and although it won't provide you with the full experience, its worth a try :)


System Requirements:

  • Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2003 Server SP1
  • The fastest computer you have :P

1) Download and install Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 from here. Don't worry, you won't actually be using Virtual PC, it just installs a Virtual Machine network driver thats essential for running the Windows Mobile Emulator.


2) Download the V1Emulator zip file from here. Click the Download button next to V1Emulator.zip to download the ZIP file. Extract the ZIP file and run the auto extract executable inside.


3) From the same page you downloaded the V1Emulator.zip file, download the file called "efp.msi" and install it. Now you will see a item in the Start Menu called "Microsoft Device Emulator 1.0" or similar. From that menu you can launch the smart phone in a variety of settings. Launching one will bring up a virtual smartphone with Windows Mobile 5.0 preinstalled :D


NOTE: You probably notice that this by default is running Windows Mobile 5, which is not the latest version. However, there are some Windows Mobile 6 Images up for download on MS's site here that you can try. I myself haven't tried them though :P



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