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  1. I just wanted to let you know about the New Search which has been implemented and give you some Tips on how to use it effectively As you may have noticed, our Search Platform was not very good. Many people complained about not getting the results they wanted and resorted to other methods of searching. Let me assure you, I have been listening to your complaints and been planning long and hard on a solution So after loads of lines of code and dozens (Ok maybe 3-4 ) of cans of Red Bull, I believe we have the solution. Welcome to our new Search Platform What does this Mean for Me? Well after loads of testing by select people, we have come up with a new and improved Search which will make finding things much more easier. How do I use it? Well you use it in the same way as the previous search platform. Just type the things you want and press the Search Now Button. Although as part of our improvements, we have introduced new options which will be explained in the next post. Anything else? Well currently all I can say is Happy Searching! There is always room for improvement and I personally will welcome any suggestions. Thanks - Suhail
  2. Suhail

    Boot132 cdboot for Snow Leopard

    I get the exact same issue. It doesn't even get to the EBios bit and it restarts. It seems this is a Gigabyte Motherboard issue since I tried on my sisters computer (MB: Asus P5VDC-X) and the CD boots fine. Her computer is too old for OSX so not gonna install it on hers.
  3. Suhail

    Boot132 cdboot for Snow Leopard

    Hey Dubhead, can you tell me what kexts you used or added to this ISO or any edits to any of the files since you have a similar Motherboard to me. Thanks
  4. Suhail

    Boot132 cdboot for Snow Leopard

    Well I tried this disk without a DSDT.aml file and it just keeps on rebooting (Must be the CMOS Reset Bug.) I'm now trying to insert my DSDT.aml and will update soon. Stay tuned but for now... Well it seems that inserting my DSDT.aml didn't fix the Reset Bug either. It just loads the CDBoot file then the whole computer restarts. BTW: Here are my Specs Mobo: Gigabyte P35 DS3P GFX: Nvidia 7600GT 256MB Proc: Intel C2D E6550
  5. Ok My Asus P5VDC-X Motherboard has no sound The MB is based on the ViA Chipset - ViA PT880 The SoundCard is a Analog Devices AD1986A @ VIA VT8237A/8251 High Definition Audio Controller PCI Is there any kext or tutorial which could help me As this is The last thing I need done to make my Mac Complete Also if anyone wants help getting their Internet sorted with this Motherboard then PM Me Thanks Suhail
  6. Hello everyone, The normal Lucidity Skin did not start off well. It had a couple of issues which were overlooked during the production stage and messed up the overall design of the skin. We have listened to all of our user feedback given to us in the past couple of days and have rolled out a new version of the skin. It is much more cleaner and fixes a lot of bugs. We have therefore set all users to the previous Lucidity Skin to the new one called Insanely Lucid. This has been done automatically so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the experience. If you stumble across something which doesn't look quite right then feel free to post it here or PM me the issue. It will get addressed ASAP by myself or one of the do1 crew. Thanks - Suhail and the do1 crew
  7. First 2 fixed, last one is being worked on by me and Kris
  8. Suhail

    Improved Skin Implemented

    @Meowy, I just got the Nightly Webkit and tried to replicate that Extra Tab on Member Bar thingy and couldn't. I'm working on sorting that Attachments Alignment but it seems it is universal across all skins. @Hara Taiki, Unfortunately that's not my call. Ed is the man to discuss that.
  9. Suhail

    Improved Skin Implemented

    @Meowy and @Hara Taiki, Fixed . @Erbic, I'm looking at it right now.
  10. It seems the new theme doesn't like to decide between wide and normal. Sometimes it goes wide and sometimes normal. I have set it to Fluid Width btw.
  11. @Hara Taiki, I removed your IP. Sorry about that @MoC: We do what we must... because we can. But there's no sense crying over every mistake... You just keep on trying till you run out of cake. (I love Portal!)
  12. Suhail

    New InsanelyMac!?

    @mac-mini, I think he meant of the Lucidity Theme Folder
  13. I've merged this issue with the one here, http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=144570
  14. Suhail

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    For me it's also Firefox, I just can't get away from all these wonderful plugins (Being a developer I use Firebug a lot along with Stylish and Delicious and various other plugins). Also for those looking for a Safari Look try: http://www.takebacktheweb.org/ for some awesome Safari style FF3 themes. I'm using one right now and it's awesome...
  15. Hey, First of all thanks Chibishin for PM'ing me, I'm haven't been active for the past week because of exam revision. Anyhow regarding your search issue, I do not control any part of the server management (Eg. Indexes, Cron Jobs, Management) although I have passed your query to the people at Fubra who will ensure your query gets resolved. I will be keeping my eye on this topic and I'll update this topic accordingly to the information I get from the people who handle this. This is a bit odd because the implementation of the New Search should have not affected the actual Cron Job being ran. It actually seems the Show Results as Posts is broken and it's not the only thing that's broken (Seems like you can't choose any options to limit the search ), I will have a look at it tonight since it's a software issue. (After I finish this ever lasting Maths work )
  16. I have bee dual booting this with my Mac OSX Install and... 1. I love the new taskbar. It's simple yet elegant. I got used to it in a matter of minutes 2. Every single Windows Program I use on my VMWare XP works perfectly on Windows 7 (Small list I know: MS Office 07, VB.NET, VLC, WMP, iTunes, Firefox etc.. ) 3. I do have the same gripe with the control panel. I believe they have gone backwords with it. 4. My install is very Stable. No crashes so far 5. Booting is very fast and smooth. Love the new windows animation thing (I'm a sucker for any sort of effects. It's why I love Linux and OSX ) 6. Wordpad and Paint look a lot more prettier IMO 7. The new aero interface is nice and slick. That is all I have got to report right now. More later...
  17. Hey World! I am in a bit of a dilemma. I currently want to try out and install a copy of Fedora 10 (Don't ask! ) and I am not entirely sure how I would go about doing that without totally mucking up my current install. I have 2 HDD's in my PC. Two WD 500GB Drives. - One whole drive is dedicated to my OSX and has One Partition formatted as GUID (This is my main Mac Partition) - One drive is sitting there slacking . I want to use this slacker for Linux I know how to switch between the two during boot and all of that is logical. What I want to know is WILL the Fedora Install somehow muck with the other drives boot process. In the end I want a Fedora install on a totally different HDD altogether which only boots if the Hard Disk has been selected using F10. Are there any issues I should be worried about or anything? Thanks all - Suhail
  18. I also saw that whilst attempting it on a VMWare Fusion install. I reckon I should just use TheBaron's method of just removing my OSX HDD. I don't mind if the 2nd HDD where Fedora is meant to be installed has it's MBR destroyed or whatever since it doesn't hold any data... yet
  19. Suhail

    SQL on a Mac?

    There is also SQLite on the Mac and I must say that IT IS AWESOME. Much better than MySQL for development imo
  20. Hey everyone, I have been looking around for some good VPS Developer environments where I am able to muck about with the server and have no fear in restoring it back to it's original condition. I actually was looking at some paid options but I recent found an excellent service called Webbynode which is about to go in to Beta Testing soon and will provide FREE access to VPS Plans for a limited time and 50% discounts afterwards to their beta testers I know many people (especially those minors) have hard times to financially buy stuff from the interwebz and I reckon this is an excellent solution if you want to test that Rails (or PHP, Django or whatever ) app to see how it performs under high stress! Everyone (including myself) loves a freebie so why not share with the community eh Good luck in to getting in to the Testing - Suhail
  21. Suhail

    Firefox 3.0 Theme

    Wow that is quite a nice theme. But after 10 mins use I'll happily stick to my Chromifox theme which I've come to love . Thanks for sharing anyway.
  22. Suhail

    Virgin Media Throttling

    Hmm nonnyboy, I do think you've come on a bit hard there. But I do see your side of the story. Fortunately I get a decent deal from Virgin Media and my parents like what they are getting and don't want to change. I honestly don't mind downloading during the night and early in the morning since I am awake after those times doing school work. PS: You get a 1 hour download period between 3pm and 4pm . Didn't know that. *Goes to Schedule Downloads*
  23. Suhail

    Invision Power board

    Nope, both are the default functionality of IPB. The Feature is called Custom Member Titles and can be enabled on your own Forum Admin CP You can set the Portal to be the Homepage in the Admin CP. PM me if you need me assistance with that and I'll gladly show you the right direction.
  24. Hmm, could you do a Trace Route please to insanelymac.com and PM me your results? I've also been having no issues apart from the DB Errors which we are working on.
  25. I just want to take this opportunity to wish all our Muslim InsanelyMac Members a Happy Ramadan. Please remember everyone in your Duaa's, Especially our friend Prawker. Ramadan Mubarak to all of you - Suhail