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  1. robotskip

    Windows 7 Demo

    Hahah, wow. You weren't trying to be too technical? By too technical I assume you mean making wild claims like it being 64-bit exclusive, having MinWin, dropping backwards compatibility, etc? Some things which are completely false? - You said "I'm more excited about the new kernel .." and I corrected you saying there isn't a new kernel and that it's based on the one in Vista/Server 08. So, you're going on about all this stuff for no reason other than to look right, also, I'd love to see your source that Windows 7 will have all those things (".. be the most heavy rework on NT to date; the kernel will be heavily componentized, self-contained, and not have many of the stacks built into it."). Also, much of that is also true with Vista/Server 08. - Why did you say "Bring on .. the microkernel!" if it (MinWin) isn't in Windows 7? Related link why people should calm down over MinWin not being in Windows 7. - Do you have a source that backwards computability is being 'removed' in Windows 7? - Why then did you say "Bring on exclusive 64-bit .." if that isn't true? - Interesting about UEFI.
  2. robotskip

    Windows 7 Demo

    Why would you need to buy a new graphics card and touch monitors are already pretty accessible and Dell and other big companies ship products with them, who knows what it will be like in 2009/2010 but I'll take a stab and assume it will be even more accessible. Also, you don't have to buy any technology associated with touch screens to use W7 but obviously you will miss out on features associated with touch screens. What are these other overrated features? Isn't this more or less the first W7 feature we [officially] know about? Wasn't it proven that that laptop was used by the previous speaker? I'm pretty sure it was.
  3. robotskip

    Windows 7 Demo

    - The kernel is based on the one in Vista/Server 08 but is receiving a decent amount of work.- Backwards compatibility isn't being removed. - Windows 7 will be available in 32 and 64-bit but I predict most consumer computers sold will be 64-bit considering how HP, ASUS and others are already shipping computers with the 64-bit version of Vista installed. - The micro-kernel (MinWin) was never destined for Windows 7. - What has been said about EFI and GUID? You really shouldn't believe every tiny rumour on the Internet. Here are some other little bits of information just revealed or reiterated.. - More or less the same requirements as Vista. - 2009 is [once again] a target. - New Task Bar called the 'Superbar' - There will be public builds available (Like Vista Beta 2) before launch.
  4. robotskip

    kalyway_hack_10.5.2ComboUpdate on "The Bay"

    Is there a preference to use this update or just the vanilla combo update from Apple (While making sure to remove certain kexts)?
  5. robotskip

    Full Install Guide GA P35-DS3P

    What kexts and other things should I backup before trying to update to 10.5.2?
  6. Firstly, the only people 'forced' to upgrade their hardware to run Vista is those with really old machines and for those people, the chances are their PC is out of date any way. Second, Vista isn't only restricted for some arbitrary marketing reason, there is no doubt DX10 is a selling point of Vista but there are technical reasons why it's limited to Vista and post-Vista OS. Thirdly, don't expect actual DX10 games to run on XP, or at least not strictly comparably like Crysis is [apparently] able to. Fourth, those with older machines and who aren't gamers aren't going to go out, buy a new OS and install it, they'll simply get it with their new machine so they aren't going to stick with it for those reasons because those reasons don't apply to them and they do not even know of those reasons.
  7. robotskip

    Windows Seven Milestone 1 UI Concept

    Fake, obviously. People actually believe stuff like this? Wow.. Would you like to buy a monorail or maybe some volcano insurance?
  8. robotskip

    Windows XP SP3 RC goes public

    Windows 2000Windows Server 2003 Windows XP Service Pack 2 Windows Vista Windows Vista SP1 Those are all stable. Oh, you were making a joke? I'm sorry, I missed the memo that we're pretending it's the 90s.
  9. The comparison is baseless and pushed by people who have no clue. And 2011 is also a rumour. http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=1136
  10. robotskip

    Browsing other Hard drives on OS X ?

    I have a 500GB SATAII HDD as 0 and my 200GB SATAII HDD as 1 (The 0 and 1 just refer to which SATA connection they're plugged in to on my motherboard) and when I boot into Leopard my 500GB HDD (NTFS) has an icon on the desktop and is accessible, so I can just copy things like Mac related stuff I've downloaded, media, etc, straight to my Leopard HDD. Alternately you could just copy stuff onto a USB drive..
  11. robotskip

    Legit Windows 7 Screens!

    I quoted it to show you that if you spent 2 seconds in a search engine you'd be able to find the 'point' of it which mostly to provide people with a more or less full view, or easily accessible full view, of the active programs and the desktop. I even put it in bold for you, how can you not see the point? I should actually get 1/10 for effort because that's the amount of effort I put into it, in fact, how about 0/10. Do you want a medal? To see the progress of something to decide if you're ready to switch to it, which you wouldn't be able to do with ALT+TAB. I thought of that possibly scenario instantly, are you honestly telling me you were unable to fathom at least 1 possible real world scenario aside from your porn one? Oh dear.. I'm guessing both of you are pretending you can't think of a real reason why it would be used, what the point of it is, etc, just to make it look bad and the fact that Azurael said "It's not for me" shows that s/he has an understanding of what it is, however small (Honestly, you don't see the point of Flip3D, really??), which contradicts this person's definitive "I don't get it" statement. Also, Numberzz porn statement also indicates the same and furthers this simple view point I have just presented.
  12. robotskip

    Legit Windows 7 Screens!

    While many people may find it useless, not all do.
  13. robotskip


    No, I do not start flame wars, the worst I do is being a little mean when I challenge what someone has said, the people who start flame wars are people who make petty ad hominem attacks like you did in this thread. I do not reply to remotely close to every thread in this forum pertaining to Microsoft and I do not feel the need to respond. Please stop lying. You claim I make these threads drag on yet this thread was more or less dead, with the last post by me and those I challenged being too much of liars and girls to respond, than you made your comment about me working for Microsoft. That's your first silly parapgrah done with, now with the second, the majority of my posts are not in the Windows section especially nowhere near that of 99%. You claim you could continue on without with no tragic loss in your life yet you bring life to a thread that was slowly dying and the only life you brougth was a pathetic attack.I already addressed your silly "ALL YOU DO IS DEFEND MS LOLOL" train of thought, please read my posts. Full blown essay? My first 2 posts were single, short sentences and my third was what, 4 sentences all up? I think you're lying again and than my 5th post which was quite long addressed 3 different people and covered many moronic thoughts presented, which it seems you failed to read in entirety or comprehend to much of a great degree. And once again, you bring up the retarded "Why are yo0u h3re" thing. Brokenrecordbrokenrecordbrokenrecordbrokenrecord. First, I do not care about the other members here and I am here to get OSX86 working on my PC, which I have done, I have also contributed the little amount I can on here and on other forums. ONCE AGAIN (Broken record, Brokenrecordbrokenrecordbrokenrecordbrokenrecord), just because you fail to see these others posts doesn't magically make them not exist. What have you and the other morons got to gain by attacking me? Let's see, my posts while 'mean' (What, are you guys 14 year olds? Man up) they contribute whereas so far, yours haven't, nor have many others. You're freaking dumb, it's as simple as that, you're still parading this idea that I love Windows and actively promote it when I don't, so once again (BROKEN FREAKING RECORD, much?), I do not love Microsoft, actively promote it's products with bias or anything of the like. Maybe you should be paid by Jobs, Linus, RMS, etc - boy, I'm pretty darn witty. I should also be a comedian? There I addressed every stupid and useless hypocritical point and lie you've presented so either counter my my comments about such things as Microsoft did not 'steal' tabs and FF didn't not invent them, or be quiet and go live out your morals of being on this forum for a purpose. I also just love how you more or less ignore everything I said and the things you do say are either lies or I've already covered them. Speaking of broken records? But hey, like I said, either contribute to the thread or move on. Could you please stop needlessly trolling my post(s) and contribute to the topic on hand, which is (Or was till you derailed it) IE7+? Thank you.
  14. robotskip


    Thank you for contributing to the thread. I believe Azurael mentioned broken records.. you may be interested.