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Realtek ALC 268 WORKING


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Works in Toshiba A215-S5818 but audio still choppy. Any solution please?


2.vedio ( ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 ) need driver


Check here . It works for me (Xpress 1250) and Xpress 1270. I got 1280x800 on my Toshiba A215 (read the FAQ carefully to troubleshoot problems).

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MODIFIED Wed Sep 16 11:36 CDT



I do. Here are the Snow Leopard kexts for the hp Pavilion dv6500 / dv6700 / dv9500 / dv9700 platform with ALC268.


Please note, you will see the message:

Sound assertion "kTypePinComplex != fType" failed in "/SourceCache/AppleHDA/AppleHDA-174.1.1/AppleHDA/AppleHDAWidget.cpp" at line 1562 goto Exit

in your dmesg output and on verbose startup, and continuously when booting in single user mode. This does not appear to be the case in the Leopard version of the kext from which I derived this new Snow Leopard version - I am working on a fix, but wouldn't mind some help ;) The latest version (1.1) has audio injected via a NEW dsdt.aml for the dv(6|9)(5|7)00 series, and does NOT require ALCinject or HDAenabler! How cool is that? Thanks to THE KiNG for that info (see link below).


This has also been observed by others here, but they also found what I've found, which is not a lot ;) but also that it doesn't seem to have a discernable impact, other than the fact that it hits your dmesg about once every two seconds. If anyone knows why this is, or how to fix it (perhaps, Rebellious - you could ask Skvo) I would love to see it go away.


I couldn't possibly take any credit for anything here other than reading directions and following instructions: All the links that were useful to me in creating this SL kext are listed below.


HOW TO Port AppleHDA to SL

HOW TO Patch AppleHDA by THE KiNG <- best! Shows how to patch DSDT

HOW TO Pin Config

HOW TO Patch AppleHDA.kext with 10.5.x

Guide ALC889a with analog 5.1 surround (not relevant to dvX500/dvX700) but may be useful to some readers)


Credit to Skvo of AppleLife.ru for the original kext, thanks to Rebellious for bringing it to us -- and credit to THE KiNG for his DSDT howto and mormegil for his porting AppleHDA to SL kext howto -- both were instrumental in getting this kext out to y'all.


I just tested on my DV9575. Thank you! It works perfect! Individual volume for headphones, everything is perfect!


I couldn't be happier. I just replaced the original AppleHDA and used KextUtility. I guess I've could have used /Extra/Extensions to keep it if I update from 10.6.6 to the next update... But no worries for now =)


Again, thank you for posting this, I've been looking for a couple of days now.

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@ Rebellious


Thank you so much for the AppleHDA.kext_Dell_Vostro_1510.zip kext.

I had tried 100's of ALC268 kexts + VoodooHDA's (patched or not) before during the past 6 months with more or less success (noisy internal speakers, never had internal mic working, external mic working but extremely noisy...)

Your Dell_Vostro_1510 is the first one to work 100% as you promise on my Acer Aspire One 150:

built-in speakers - work

headphones - work (autoswitch between speakers and headphones)

built-in microphone - works

external microphone - works (autoswitch)


Thousands of thanks again.


(AAO150 - Mac OS X 10.6.8 fully updated)

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