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  1. ApplePCIIDE.kext

    I use this card on Lion: http://www.amazon.com/VT6421A-3-Port-SATA-Controller-Support/dp/B000YMJ6ZE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1348119966&sr=8-1&keywords=via+6421 With the kext, it works flawlessly.
  2. ApplePCIIDE.kext

    Thank you! This works flawlessly in Lion. Here is the card I'm using: http://www.amazon.com/VT6421A-3-Port-SATA-Controller-Support/dp/B000YMJ6ZE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1341692030&sr=8-1&keywords=PCI%2BIDE
  3. Worked pretty well. Only kexts I had to remove were the 10.6.4 sleepenabler kext and the AppleHDA kext (booted up fine, but it causes kernel panics on shutdown. It also starts up much quicker w/ AppleHDA.kext removed). Everything else stayed intact.
  4. Wrong CPU Clock

    Use CPU-X to see if it's really running at 800mhz. I attached it (props to netkas to making it). System info isn't always accurate. I'm having a similar problem as well. I have a Vanilla 10.6.5 install, and OSX is detecting my CPU is at 3.2ghz. CPU-X displays my CPU correctly (E6420), but it's saying that the multiplier is 10.0 and the bus speed is 320mhz. However, it's really set up at 333mhz and the multiplier is 8.0. Would this incorrect CPU speed detection be detrimental towards the performance at all? If it isn't, I don't care too much, but I definitely want this computer running correctly. Thanks! cpu_x.zip
  5. Actually, your setup shouldn't need more than a 600-700W PSU, even after overclocking. Your problem could be connections, but the first thing to check is where you put the RAM. X58 boards are extremely picky about where you put the RAM, and they won't start unless you put them in the exact slots they want you to put them. This gave me a headache the first time I ever built an X58 PC, as many boards give no indication of that being a problem. It could definitely be a DOA PSU, but 700W should be plenty of juice. Your system would be better off with a good 700W PSU like a Corsair/Silverstone/etc. rather than a Rosewill 1000W. X58A-UD3R is a very similar board, as rebelraze stated. Doing what people did for the UD3R for your board may work.
  6. Realtek ALC 268 WORKING

    This package is for 10.5 (Leopard) ONLY. Do not try to install on Snow Leopard, or else you will get a kernel panic. The original post should probably be updated to note that.
  7. From what I've gathered, the regular audio is Realtek. Would taking nawcom's boot disc and saving its ISO image onto a spare HDD partition work to make OSX self-booting? Thanks!
  8. Hey, I finally got it booting. I tried installing it Vanilla with the retail disc, but I just couldn't get it working. Instead, I finally found a distro that worked: iATKOS S3 v2. It installed successfully, but the boot loader keeps kernel panicking. When I use nawcom's boot CD though, I'm able to load it all up with almost everything working, except: Audio (NVidia HD Audio, possibly Realtek HD Audio as well), but I get distorted audio through HDMI Wifi (The card has no drivers) Ethernet (Realtek Family FE Family, RTL8101, R1000 didn't work so far) Booting without Boot disc I googled around for a while, but I could not find any other info on my hardware. What would you guys recommend doing? Thanks! OLD POST: Hey guys, A while back, I did a retail install on my desktop PC (as seen in my signature). It took a while, but after a lot of help on the IRC channel (is it gone now?) it finally worked 100%. Now, I have a laptop, a Toshiba A505-S6992. While it's a sweet laptop, it's driving me crazy with trying to get this to even boot the install disc! The only disc that boots the retail install disc is the EasyEFI v2.0 and v2.2. The problem is that it's very, very slow at drawing each menu (each part literally takes about 3 minutes to load). If I try loading the Disk Utility, it will crash (not KP, but just get stuck), so I cannot use that disc. The others immediately kernel panic. I also tried SnowOSX 10.6.2, and a few other distros, and they all KP as well. From what I'm gathering, it seems like it's very possible to get it going, but I'm probably going to need to make my own Boot-132 disc. From what I've gathered, my laptop has ICH9 Chipset Core 2 Duo E7450 Nvidia GT 230M 1GB 4GB DDR3 1066mhz Synaptics Touchpad Nvidia HD Audio Realtek Wifi Here's some more info on the laptop as well: http://us.toshiba.com/computers/laptops/sa...A500/A505-S6992 Those all look like parts that are usable for Snow Leopard. I've set it up before, but I cannot for the life of me figure out the right kexts for a good boot loader. What would you guys recommend for the boot loader? Thanks!
  9. **Updated** SleepEnabler for 10.6.5

    Worked beautifully for me, thanks for posting.
  10. released Update to 10.6.4

    I just replaced my SleepEnabler from this post and replaced it with the one in my Extra/Extensions folder, ran the update, and it worked fine. I don't use my onboard audio, so I didn't bother fixing that, but my dedicated audio card driver stayed intact. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=196466
  11. HD4870

    Awesome job man. I just got a Sapphire Toxic Vapor-X 4870 1GB, and this worked flawlessly. I usually have to go through hell to get video cards working, but this fix made it really simple. Thank you. All I had to do was: -Install PC EFI 10.6 -Enable GraphicsEnabler in com.apple.Boot.plist -Use your evoenabler.kext in the E/E Flawless
  12. Cmedia 8738

    You're right, my card is 8770...not sure why I thought it was 8788...my bad. Maybe it'll be supported eventually.
  13. Cmedia 8738

    8788 should work. I don't have surround working, but I have two channel analog and two channel digital working on my Auzentech DTS-Xplosion. I didn't change any device ID's or anything, I just installed the kext and moved the card to a different PCI slot and it worked.
  14. **Updated** SleepEnabler for 10.6.5

    Thank you, this worked!
  15. Cmedia 8738

    No luck for me... I get "cannot resolve dependencies for kernel"...has anyone else gotten this error? EDIT: Nevermind, it seems to be loading now because I don't see any errors from it in -v mode, and kextload will load it up without fussing, but I still don't see my sound card under the sound settings. Any ideas? EDIT 2: Nevermind again, I reseated the audio card and now it works! Haven't tried the analog, but the digital is putting out 2 channel PCM that sounds beautiful. Thank you shagui for doing that!