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What is up with Graphics cards?

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I have been reading some posts and people are saying that graphics card x works while others say it doesnt.

so what im asking is this


do the 8600's work?

i saw a post saying there will be full suport when the new update comes out.


will a 8800 GTS card work now http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...&CatId=1826


kinda like that one :]


just really want to clear some things up!! :]

i got a solid build but the only thing idk about is the graphics card!!


Hey, thanks for all your help clearing these things out!!!!


much thanks! :]

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my asus 8600 gts works with nvinject 0.2.1, displays 512mb after editing the plist, dual monitor didnt try, but a second monitor is displayed in the sys profiler. i got 1920 x 1200 pixel, the display is regognized with model name, randomly i have a graphic channel error. that causes a system crash, but most of the day its working, like me :)



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it is kinda what i wanna know, but 8600 are a little strange when it comes to crashes. is it true that the 8800 are more stable?


basically will the one i linked too work stable in OS X like with CS3 And FCS???

people said the 8600 crashed when they open studios like with motion.


what is the best card??

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after looking around im going to go with the 8800 GT because it is cheaper and does what i need it to do!!!!


so basically any 8800 series card will work?

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