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MSI will use EFI BIOS on new P35-Neo3


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due out at the same time as Vista 64bit sp1, so when sp1 hits the floor , this motherboard should be launched, they are waiting for M$ to release it..


I don't see any particular reason for this assumed correlation. It's not like MSI is going to release a board without a CSM, because at this moment in time, that would be like releasing a car without wheels. I doubt it would sell well.


As for video cards, I assume it would be the same as the Mac Pro, in that when booting through the CSM, an BIOS firmware-equipped card would work fine, but an EFI firmware-equipped card will be required for EFI-booting.


However, it's possible that they could ship some kind of 'universal' EFI module which would allow a normal graphics card to work before a driver is loaded, perhaps using a VESA framebuffer (although these aren't as flexible as a proper EFI framebuffer, which typically allow selection of TFT panel's native resolution, for example)

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