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bluetooth broadcom 2045

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i have a broadcom 2045 usb bluetooth dongle and it doesnt work on my leopard machine or my tiger machine. but there are countless people using this bluetooth with their macs. any pointers?


when i plug it in this thing comes up saying "identifying your keyboard" isn't that weird?


thanks in advance for any and all help.

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Could it be possible to have a solution for this?


I am using an Insignia Bluetooth Headset, but my Dell Inspiron 1525 doesnt have integrated bluetooth, and the USB that came with the headset, seems not to work in Mac OSx Leopard 10.5.3

I don't know but when I plug it, it turns the light blue on (I mean the one that the USB little thing have, I dont mean the one of the laptop corner).

And Mac asks me about a new keyboard... :/ I dont know what to do! I tried to research but broadcom is not giving anything for Mac! And Linux and Mac have differents functions in the terminal, so I cant follow a linux installation guide...


Come on, isnt anyone connecting things to laptop though bluetooth usb with his/her hackbook ??? I can't believe the few topics about this.



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