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  1. HI, Try set u Marvell im ACHI mode, i use one HD and one DVD in this ports anda no have any crashes.... ande if u use /EFI or /EXTRA u can put kext in this folder...
  2. Try some combinations, but no read my DSDT.aml in /darwin/DSDT.aml.... some one can luck in load DSDT file? and in install retail DVD? thx...
  3. Hi all, well, i will try some tests, i format my USB stick in GUID and will try use DSDT and custom KEXTs. report results. thx 4 all, and sory my bad Englisdh
  4. Hi all, boot fine from USB stick my HD. Dont luck try boot Leopard retail DVD, try w sata and pata DVD drive no boot Snow DVD. DSDT patch can be load from this BOOT?
  5. Hi, please put direct link for download
  6. ATI HD4870 S-Video Problems

    TV out dont work in OS X
  7. Installation on Intel D975xbx

    try this... http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=134515
  8. Hi, What kexts? i use xbx2 and 5.6 retail install and no have problens...
  9. AnV Chameleon boot loader

    Hi all, Andy,fFirst I would like to congratulate the good work .. Now you can modify this would be your bootloader so that it can read and do the boot via EFI partition (the method Munky), I ask because in this way even to make the Boot as the DVD retail it would be possible without the need if we have to use a CD to boot. BTW? i try all 2 vs of download, but all time i have macbook5,1 in ioregexplorer, if i use MacPro build the correct one not would not be to show MacProX,X grateful
  10. Hi, Simple, now i can make boot w AppleIntelCPUPower...kext and in PCI CArd in system profile is showed my PCI devices
  11. Hi all, BladeRunner the easy test for look if DSDT.aml is load, install AppleIntelCPUPowermana...Kext in /s/l/e, if your system boot up DSDt is correct an load
  12. HI, Yes, here i use 10.5.5 vanila install and if not have DSDT file system dont BOOT up, but only works in Root od Leo's HD i dont know way!
  13. Hi all. munky I confirmed, it system to go up without problems the DSDT.aml archive has that to be in the ROOT of the HD where the installed Leo this, if the same will be in partition /EFI does not advance, it this not loading for there. now back to configure mine GFX
  14. Hi, I'am noted some pelople put dsdt.aml but in my install for boot up correct i need DSDT.aml (CAPS!!!)... in my install i only replace .BIN file in root/EFI (boot), my only problem is w my GXF card, no QE/CI, but will make new GFX string
  15. Hi, Download and already testing.... Thx munky ! EDIT: Yes!! boot fine, my DSDT file is load and have full VANILLA Leo install In EFI/Extensions folder only need: AppleDecrypter.kext AppleHDA.kext (patched for XBX2) Now only need made GFX string for my 8800 Nice job munky !