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DVD Movies not playing.


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Hi there, I ve got the same problem with the dvd player and vlc one. I tried to fix it with maxxuss-s patch, but it didn t work for me. Dvd player keeps crashing down, everytime I try to play a dvd. By the way, I can open dvd, but it doesn t work with the players. If you somebody can help, it would be great.

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The lastmac os update for DVD Player was 10.4.9 which came out in 03/07

There was an update after that located here:




Many mac users were suffering from the same symptoms. Hope this helps.

I would open the package w/pacifier and back up any kext...just in case.





EDIT: After looking at the 4.6.1 update from Apple and comparing it to th 10.4.11 install I have

I think that the download will not help you. I did however find the list of errors...


kDVDErrorUnknown = -70001, // Catch all error

kDVDErrorInitializingLib = -70002, // There was an error initializing the playback framework

kDVDErrorUninitializedLib = -70003, // The playback framework has not been initialized.

kDVDErrorNotAllowedDuringPlayback = -70004, // action is not allowed during playback

kDVDErrorUnassignedGrafPort = -70005, // A grafport was not set.

kDVDErrorAlreadyPlaying = -70006, // Media is already being played.

kDVDErrorNoFatalErrCallBack = -70007, // The application did not install a callback routine for fatal errors returned by the framework.

kDVDErrorIsAlreadySleeping = -70008, // The framework has already been notified to sleep.

kDVDErrorDontNeedWakeup = -70009, // DVDWakeUp was called when the framework was not asleep.

kDVDErrorTimeOutOfRange = -70010, // Time code is outside the valid range for the current title.

kDVDErrorUserActionNoOp = -70011, // The operation was not allowed by the media at this time.

kDVDErrorMissingDrive = -70012, // The DVD drive is not available.

kDVDErrorNotSupportedConfiguration = -70013, // The current system configuration is not supported.

kDVDErrorNotSupportedFunction = -70014, // The operation is not supported. For example, trying to slow mo backwards.

kDVDErrorNoValidMedia = -70015, // The media was not valid for playback.

kDVDErrorWrongParam = -70016, // The invalid parameter was passed.

kDVDErrorMissingGraphicsDevice = -70017, // A valid graphics device is not available.

kDVDErrorGraphicsDevice = -70018, // A graphics device error was encountered.

kDVDErrorPlaybackOpen = -70019, // The framework is already open (probably by another process).

kDVDErrorInvalidRegionCode = -70020, // The region code was not valid.

kDVDErrorRgnMgrInstall = -70021, // The region manager was not properly installed or missing from the system.

kDVDErrorMismatchedRegionCode = -70022, // The disc region code and the drive region code do not match.

kDVDErrorNoMoreRegionSets = -70023, // The drive does not have any region changes left.

kDVDErrordRegionCodeUninitialized = -70024, // The drive region code was not initialized.

kDVDErrorAuthentification = -70025, // The user attempting to change the region code could not be authenticated.

kDVDErrorOutOfVideoMemory = -70026, // The video driver does not have enough video memory available to playback the media.

kDVDErrorNoAudioOutputDevice = -70027, // An appropriate audio output device could not be found.

kDVDErrorSystem = -70028, // A system error was encountered.

kDVDErrorNavigation = -70029 // The user has made a selection not supported in the current menu.


This is part of a script in the DVDplayback.framework....error -70017 looks to be a graphics problem....yikes!!!

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