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DVD Movies not playing.

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This is bugging me like crazy. I stick a movie in and the dvd player tells me there is no video playback device. Any one have a fix for this. Thanks

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Me too.

The exact error is: A valid video device could not be found for playback. [-70017]


Btw, I tried MPlayer OSX and VLC. None worked.

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Hi there, I ve got the same problem with the dvd player and vlc one. I tried to fix it with maxxuss-s patch, but it didn t work for me. Dvd player keeps crashing down, everytime I try to play a dvd. By the way, I can open dvd, but it doesn t work with the players. If you somebody can help, it would be great.

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i had the same problem but its pretty simple to fix, basicly you just dont have the mpeg 2 codec install


iv attached the dmg jus open it an ull have dvd playback


another thing you should remember, from my use, iv found VLC to be far better quality than the program provided with osx


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I have the same problem. Installed the above file, but it still says initialization Error when I try to run a dvd.

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The lastmac os update for DVD Player was 10.4.9 which came out in 03/07

There was an update after that located here:




Many mac users were suffering from the same symptoms. Hope this helps.

I would open the package w/pacifier and back up any kext...just in case.





EDIT: After looking at the 4.6.1 update from Apple and comparing it to th 10.4.11 install I have

I think that the download will not help you. I did however find the list of errors...


kDVDErrorUnknown = -70001, // Catch all error

kDVDErrorInitializingLib = -70002, // There was an error initializing the playback framework

kDVDErrorUninitializedLib = -70003, // The playback framework has not been initialized.

kDVDErrorNotAllowedDuringPlayback = -70004, // action is not allowed during playback

kDVDErrorUnassignedGrafPort = -70005, // A grafport was not set.

kDVDErrorAlreadyPlaying = -70006, // Media is already being played.

kDVDErrorNoFatalErrCallBack = -70007, // The application did not install a callback routine for fatal errors returned by the framework.

kDVDErrorIsAlreadySleeping = -70008, // The framework has already been notified to sleep.

kDVDErrorDontNeedWakeup = -70009, // DVDWakeUp was called when the framework was not asleep.

kDVDErrorTimeOutOfRange = -70010, // Time code is outside the valid range for the current title.

kDVDErrorUserActionNoOp = -70011, // The operation was not allowed by the media at this time.

kDVDErrorMissingDrive = -70012, // The DVD drive is not available.

kDVDErrorNotSupportedConfiguration = -70013, // The current system configuration is not supported.

kDVDErrorNotSupportedFunction = -70014, // The operation is not supported. For example, trying to slow mo backwards.

kDVDErrorNoValidMedia = -70015, // The media was not valid for playback.

kDVDErrorWrongParam = -70016, // The invalid parameter was passed.

kDVDErrorMissingGraphicsDevice = -70017, // A valid graphics device is not available.

kDVDErrorGraphicsDevice = -70018, // A graphics device error was encountered.

kDVDErrorPlaybackOpen = -70019, // The framework is already open (probably by another process).

kDVDErrorInvalidRegionCode = -70020, // The region code was not valid.

kDVDErrorRgnMgrInstall = -70021, // The region manager was not properly installed or missing from the system.

kDVDErrorMismatchedRegionCode = -70022, // The disc region code and the drive region code do not match.

kDVDErrorNoMoreRegionSets = -70023, // The drive does not have any region changes left.

kDVDErrordRegionCodeUninitialized = -70024, // The drive region code was not initialized.

kDVDErrorAuthentification = -70025, // The user attempting to change the region code could not be authenticated.

kDVDErrorOutOfVideoMemory = -70026, // The video driver does not have enough video memory available to playback the media.

kDVDErrorNoAudioOutputDevice = -70027, // An appropriate audio output device could not be found.

kDVDErrorSystem = -70028, // A system error was encountered.

kDVDErrorNavigation = -70029 // The user has made a selection not supported in the current menu.


This is part of a script in the DVDplayback.framework....error -70017 looks to be a graphics problem....yikes!!!

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