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  1. Hi, I have found that when messing around with the booy loader I always make my system un-bootable. But I have always has a Super Grub Boot disc. http://www.supergrubdisk.org/ It's a linux disc that you can boot up from and choose a partition to boot Data or Macintosh HD. It has saved my gravy a few times. Cheers, Glynn
  2. Hello all, I have a triple boot desktop HP a1120n. I updated my Leopard partrion on an external disc via usb and all was working great until I used Carbon Copy Cloner to move it back onto my internal drive. I still have SL on the external drive and it works fine. Problems are: #1 pfix does not see any partitions or disks (diskutil list does) #2 dsdt patcher fails saying, "Could not get table from the file DSDT Patcher 1.0.1e #3 My partition is active but it will only boot with the "-f" flag My rig is a Pentium 4 w/HT 3.0Ghz, 1 gig ram, GMA915, ACL880 every thing is working except the ACL880 its working but the volume is really low!! I now have XP, Snow Leopard and Leopard on my three partitions and moved Tiger from the internal to the external. If any one has an answer to the three quirks that would be great. And if you have something on the ACL880 let me know...I'm trying to patch it now. Cheers, Glynn
  3. Quick question...I am using xnu 9.6.0 and OS X 10.5.7 I am upgrading the OS X to 10.5.8 and installing the xnu 9.8.0 on an Intel P4 w/HT. What System.kext and Seatbelt.kext do I need?
  4. I have been experimenting too. I found that after the rebranded card boots into OS X it will have a kernel panic if you are using a patched kext. You need to get the vanilla kext for your os version 10.5.7 or whatever. I am still messing with mine...still not working in os x...
  5. I have some questions that I'm sure are no brainers, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I have a D-Link DWL-G520 that I am trying to rebrand. My current specs are: class_id is 200 vendor_id is 168c device_id is 0013 subven_id is 1186 subdev_id is 3a13 I followed the tutorial and have the dump available, but looking at the address chart by iHack13 in step 4 of the tutorial I am confused about the address. EEPROM dump (16384 byte) ============================================== 0001: 168c 0200 0001 0000 5001 0000 3a13 1186 0009: 1c0a 0100 0000 01c2 0002 c606 0001 0000 0011: 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 when entering the: ath_info -g 3:0 -w 0x<memory_loc> <class_id_loc> 280 should memory location be 0001 and class_id_loc be 0001 and is there a space between the two memory locations? Also, my dump produced 8 identicl lines with the device_id as the last entry in the dump but preceding the other 7 listings. 03f9: 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0013 0401: 168c 0200 0001 0000 5001 0000 3a13 1186 0409: 1c0a 0100 0000 01c2 0002 c606 0001 0000 0411: 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 In case your wondering, I would like to change this to class_id 280 vendor_id 168c device_id 001c subven_id 168c subdev_id 3061 My Hack is a P4 HT prescott 3Ghz HP a1240n running XP SP3, Leopard 10.5.7 and Tiger 10.4.11 Linux is on an external....screwed up my bootloader but I can still get to my internal!! Any other advice is welcome... Since I haven,t heard from anyone....I thought I would give it a go. I entered: ath_info -g 3:0 -w 0x00010001 280 and got this error: Mmap of device at 0X00010001 for 0x10000 bytes failed - invalid argument ANY HELP OUT THERE?????
  6. How-to Create a bootable ISO with Chameleon V2

    I used a free one called "Simply Burns"
  7. If you are stuck at "still waiting for root device" it means that you need to specify the correct one. to do this I suggest mounting your install disk and go to disk utilities. Click on the partition or drive you installed the OS X on. After selecting it, click the blue info button at the top of the window. look for diskXsX (where the X's are numbers) then when you re-start enter the rd=diskXsX I used this for my boot using a modified cd: rd(0,1)/mach_kernel.modbin -v rd=disk1s2 Cheers, Glynn
  8. Hello All, I am in the process of updating 10.5.6 to 10.5.7 on a NON-Vanilla box. I am working from a bootable clone on an external usb drive. My kernel is a Voodoo 9.5.0 and the CPU is a Intel P4 w/HT. All is working as it does on my 10.5.6 install except when I open System Profilier it states "there was an error while gathering this information" So no model#,version#, etc... It does show my graphics, network, ATA, SATA, Firewire, USB, however: the ATA (HP DVD Writer 740b) does not show up in the disc burning..it has the same error gathering info. Did I miss a kext? I double checked the AppleSMBIOS!!! Gkjk
  9. Okay, I googled ACPIPS2Nub.kext and found a current download in the 10.5.6 release thread. I installed that and the controller. I booted into single-user mode and ran "Applejack" my start up was modified and there were still a bunch of permission repairs (OSX86Tools is supposed to set the permissions). I then reboot in verbose and notices that ACPIPS2Nub.kext was not working...but it booted and I have my keyboard and mouse back..... Can't explain why...makes no sense!!! Thanks for your help, Glynn
  10. I did not have that kext on 10.5.5 It is not in the kext backup file or on the external backup. I used Kalaway 10.5.3 then manually updated to 10.5.5...FYI
  11. Thank you for the kernel guys, It was short lived though!! I installed it while running 10.5.5 and after the update to 10.5.6 my keyboard and mouse no longer work. I backed up all my kext using OSX86Tools and made a bootable copy on an external which I am running from now. I replaced all the appleintelgma950 kexts and the framebuffer(for my graphics), IOUSBfamily, IOUSBMassStorage, IO80211(for my wireless card), Systems.kext, AppleHDA, ApplePS2controller, and seatbelt.kext What Kext am I missing to get the mouse/keyboard working again???? See sig for comp. details.... Thanks!!! Glynn
  12. package 0 didn't get an hpet problem

    No I don't think it is corrupted.....In Leopard, if you chose not to assign a password to yourself, the sudo command may not work. To fix it, boot from the install disc. After choosing your language, select "Change Password" from the utilities menu bar drop down menu. You might just want to assign a root password....i use "root". Cheers, Glynn
  13. EFI_v8 and kernel help

    As posted above, I need a core 2 duo to install the vanilla kernel. I am somewhat confused by whom can use it and under what circumstances. My install was: SSE3.EFI.MBR: (8.10.1 kernel) from 'PC EFI Bootloaders' menu: -efi_v8.MBR. (Efi v8 GUID can be used instead but you must format your disk in accordance!) from 'Kernels and Kexts' menu: -8.10.1 Intel SSE3 (2 items). 8.11.1 can be used instead. Might need to boot with '-legacy' flag. -no-EFI kexts (only AppleSMBIOS.kext.Netkas) -RecommendedPatches (all items but CPUPowerManagement_Remover) This IS a clean install....I am just adjusting it!!! EFI is not working and I'm trying to fix it.. The package on the DVD ***UPDATE: Just to let you know, I ran the mach_kernel from XxX 8.11.1EFI package on the DVD and it does work on my P4 3.0Ghz Hyper-Threading. System profiler shows it as a 2-Core 3.8Ghz P4. I verfied that it is in fact the vanilla 8.11.1 kernel. I do have to boot using the -legacy option. Now my problem is I am unable to see my DVD-RW or my DVD-rom drives and I cannot open any disk images. I searched the forum and see that the disk image prob may be due to the System.kext ( it still is set up for the 8.10.1 kernel) and I was unable to find the proper 8.11.1 on the install dvd or by Googleing it. Last but not least, using the AppleSMBIOS.kext from the efi_v8 download will not load---(Couldn't alloc class) So you can use a Vanilla kernel on a non-core duo
  14. DVD Movies not playing.

    The lastmac os update for DVD Player was 10.4.9 which came out in 03/07 There was an update after that located here: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/dvd...backupdate.html Many mac users were suffering from the same symptoms. Hope this helps. I would open the package w/pacifier and back up any kext...just in case. Cheers, EDIT: After looking at the 4.6.1 update from Apple and comparing it to th 10.4.11 install I have I think that the download will not help you. I did however find the list of errors... kDVDErrorUnknown = -70001, // Catch all error kDVDErrorInitializingLib = -70002, // There was an error initializing the playback framework kDVDErrorUninitializedLib = -70003, // The playback framework has not been initialized. kDVDErrorNotAllowedDuringPlayback = -70004, // action is not allowed during playback kDVDErrorUnassignedGrafPort = -70005, // A grafport was not set. kDVDErrorAlreadyPlaying = -70006, // Media is already being played. kDVDErrorNoFatalErrCallBack = -70007, // The application did not install a callback routine for fatal errors returned by the framework. kDVDErrorIsAlreadySleeping = -70008, // The framework has already been notified to sleep. kDVDErrorDontNeedWakeup = -70009, // DVDWakeUp was called when the framework was not asleep. kDVDErrorTimeOutOfRange = -70010, // Time code is outside the valid range for the current title. kDVDErrorUserActionNoOp = -70011, // The operation was not allowed by the media at this time. kDVDErrorMissingDrive = -70012, // The DVD drive is not available. kDVDErrorNotSupportedConfiguration = -70013, // The current system configuration is not supported. kDVDErrorNotSupportedFunction = -70014, // The operation is not supported. For example, trying to slow mo backwards. kDVDErrorNoValidMedia = -70015, // The media was not valid for playback. kDVDErrorWrongParam = -70016, // The invalid parameter was passed. kDVDErrorMissingGraphicsDevice = -70017, // A valid graphics device is not available. kDVDErrorGraphicsDevice = -70018, // A graphics device error was encountered. kDVDErrorPlaybackOpen = -70019, // The framework is already open (probably by another process). kDVDErrorInvalidRegionCode = -70020, // The region code was not valid. kDVDErrorRgnMgrInstall = -70021, // The region manager was not properly installed or missing from the system. kDVDErrorMismatchedRegionCode = -70022, // The disc region code and the drive region code do not match. kDVDErrorNoMoreRegionSets = -70023, // The drive does not have any region changes left. kDVDErrordRegionCodeUninitialized = -70024, // The drive region code was not initialized. kDVDErrorAuthentification = -70025, // The user attempting to change the region code could not be authenticated. kDVDErrorOutOfVideoMemory = -70026, // The video driver does not have enough video memory available to playback the media. kDVDErrorNoAudioOutputDevice = -70027, // An appropriate audio output device could not be found. kDVDErrorSystem = -70028, // A system error was encountered. kDVDErrorNavigation = -70029 // The user has made a selection not supported in the current menu. This is part of a script in the DVDplayback.framework....error -70017 looks to be a graphics problem....yikes!!!
  15. move install to a new drive

    Hi, read this thread.... http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...ot.plist+-found Your partition is still reading the old hardware address.....i think..