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  1. jccool can you please rehost your installer i have the same gfx card as you (same id) so your method will work for me however all your links seem to be dead and this topic is waaay to long to go through the whole thing, i dont know of any other way of getting my card up an running so if you could you would be doing me and i suspect a lot of other people a huge favor.
  2. Essential Applications and Utilites

    great list, downloading a few now virtualbox - free virtual machine manager vmware-fusion - virtual machine manager, integrates windows into osx, see screenshot below. should be on here i think its an amazing program an can help ween people off windows http://www.vmware.com/files/images/screens...rogram_menu.png
  3. google a howto on reinstalling grub theres loads around and most are pretty easy to follow there is another method which im not sure works, youd be better off just reinstalling grub manually but anyway if you boot the ubuntu live/alternate CD start the install and when you get to the part about partitions then select manual but DONT CHANGE ANYTHING click continue and it should skip the install and just reinstall grub, i cant tell you it works since iv never tried it just read it on the forums
  4. DVD Movies not playing.

    i had the same problem but its pretty simple to fix, basicly you just dont have the mpeg 2 codec install iv attached the dmg jus open it an ull have dvd playback another thing you should remember, from my use, iv found VLC to be far better quality than the program provided with osx QuickTimeMPEG2.dmg