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Still waiting for root device.


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for some reason every time i hook up my sata hardrive and try to install the software, it freezes at the bsd subsystem software or whatever, so what i did was hook up the sata drive to my usb port using an adaptor, and it installed fine.


But now im having a different issue, i get the darwin osx86 screen then it boots with all the text, etc. and it just keeps saying "Still waiting for root device", i havent gotten to enter my info or anything yet.


Im using the jaS 10.4.8 AMD intel sse2 sse3 software.


One thing i dont understand is how to do the thing at the end of the install, it says


"Installing JaS 10.4.8 AMD SSE2/SSE3 With Semthex's 8.8.1 Kernel. After the install press f* (im guessing it means f8) and at the prompt type -v -s and at the next prompt type ./patcher 10.4.8.AMD.CPUID.txt"


I dont know if thats what i have to do to fix it, so thats why im here.


heres my system info, using CPU-Z


Processors Information



Processor 1 (ID = 0)

Number of cores 1 (max 1)

Number of threads 1 (max 1)

Name AMD Athlon 64 3800+

Codename Venice

Specification AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor 3800+

Package Socket 939


Extended CPUID F.2F

Brand ID 4

Core Stepping DH-E3

Technology 90 nm

Core Speed 2412.5 MHz (12.0 x 201.0 MHz)

HT Link speed 1005.2 MHz

Stock frequency 2400 MHz

Instructions sets MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, x86-64





Northbridge NVIDIA nForce4 rev. A3

Southbridge NVIDIA nForce4 MCP rev. A3

Graphic Interface PCI-Express

PCI-E Link Width x16

PCI-E Max Link Width x16

Memory Type DDR

Memory Size 2048 MBytes

Channels Dual

Memory Frequency 201.0 MHz (CPU/12)

CAS# 2.5

RAS# to CAS# 3

RAS# Precharge 3

Cycle Time (tRAS) 5

Bank Cycle Time (tRC) 11

DRAM Idle Timer 16

Command Rate 2T


Video card is a GTX 7800 nVidia.

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what should i search for?

Cause i cant find anything related to my problem using the search feature.


I've spent 3 days wasted on this problem, at least tell me what to search for or link me to a guide on how to change the jumper master.


Would it be easier to just get an IDE hardrive?

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Try this

Attempt 1: "-x"

Attempt 2: "-F mach_kernel -v"


other than that, I don't know

Best of Luck!


what i did is, I bought an IDE hardrive and it gets past that "still waiting for root device" message, but now i get what looks like a kernel panic message :/


But i can boot into osx by use safe boot ( typing -x) , but i want to get rid of that kernel panic thing.

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