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New Mac Pro with SLI

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Hi guys and this is for Cohen The Barbarian for he seems learned in this erea...Ok so I got teo 8800gt,s and want to sli them on my M3A32-MVP DELUXE MOBO I know its a crossfire mobo but it also has 2 pci express slots ...And so Im asking you if you can help me out making some mod drivers to enable sli on this mobo..pleeeeease...my personal e mail in hod333@gmail.com thanks much...Steve

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Vbetts, i thought we cannot do either CF/SLi by what was told, so basically its not Quad CF on 4 HD2600, it basically gives you the option to show 2 Monitors/card with the performance of only 1...


I dont understand why Apple is so stupid enought to ignore that SLI/CF is taking the market and not doing anything about it.


I mean even they give us 4 PCI-E bars with 1 pre built display card, than why have that many when you cant even bind 2 display cards into 1??

Apple don't care about gaming.
Also WTS HAPPENING TO APPLE STOCK??? i bought them at 180$ a week ago and now its 159$ WTF is


The stock market is fickle. You need to look at the long term, of course it will fluctuate a lot. I'm sure it will increase after WWDC 2008.
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