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  1. Mac Guguen

    External HDD gone Wrong...

    So from what you are saying... my External Hard Disk is partly dead?? And if its not partly dead how do i make my Mac to Try Reading a Bad Sector a END its ATTEMPTS after maybe like 3 attempts?? and that it gives a warning that the files cannot be accessed instead of making my Computer freeze till i remove the drive?? And anyways to prevent bad sectors written?? cuz this is getting into my nerves lately... i have my entire iTunes Library on the External Hard Disk because both my Mac Pro and the Macbook Pro's Itunes are running on the Library in my External Hard Disk... and i Have a Feeling to buy the Western Digital My Passport STUDIO 500GB FW800/FW400/USB 2.0 Any comments on that drive??
  2. okay... to explain a tad bit more... here goes Just a year ago....Ive bought this Western Digital My Passport Essential 2.5" External Hdd which runs on a USB 2.0 interface it works quite fine i guess but theres this issue that annoys me.... Every now and then... when i plug in my Hdd it works... but sometimes when i ask my Mac Pro (early 2008) to read some files off it... Hard Disk activity indicator just gone flashing non stop..... and my mac would completely Freeze... the Freeze will go on non stop... actually ive left my mac to freeze for a day until... i Forcibly Unplug the Hard Disk... and OMG... all of a sudden my Mac starts running as if the Hard Disk was keeping my Mac from moving.... So i replug it again and it did the same Freezing problem again and again from time to time.... Started looking for solutions and failed... All i came up with is this.... Mac Pro's Front Side Port cant provide enough power to run the external hdd?? weird... thought its USB 2.0 on Early 2008 Mac Pro So went thinking.... Powered USB Hub could fix it?? or should i simply just go buy myself a FW800/FW400/USB2.0 Western Digital My Passport STUDIO??
  3. Mac Guguen

    Bluetooth headsets for Skype

    Well.... i notice it but when i got to an apple store in HK here... I saw them selling it... Ok if the one i gave doesnt work.... Is there any wireless headset that works for both iPhone 3G and the Leopard??
  4. K First of all Macs are usually PROs when it comes on running HFS(journaled) NTFS and FAT32 is out of the Macs knowledge... they're too crappy and windowish... i mean now a days no body friggin use Fat 32 on a 3gb hard disk otherwise there'll be 100 partitions... and NTFS just flaw-full..... Most of the Windows Blue screen appear on a NTFS Drive than a FAT 32 Drive. Apple clever to drop the idea of using NTFS and FAT 32 Wait.... thats not over.... what Apple?? OMG the FIREWIRE!.... If ur talking about USB drives, Apple says fine, since even they cant control the market that USBs are more popular, but wait Apple computers run Way better on their on Homemade Firewire drivers... So next time if you're looking for a Hard Disk to use.... Think carefully.... Portable Drives USB - Better on Windows FW4 - Designed by Apple and runs better on Macs FW8 - Designed and optimized by Apple to Run FASTER than USB and Best on Macs. NTFS - only runs on windows and lots of flaws. FAT32 - Runs both on windows and mac... but partitioning is the problem. HFS - Runs Perfect on Macs So from that list. what i did was.... I got myself an External Drive with 2TB in it, thats backs up stuff.... 1TB belongs to HFS and 1TB for FAT32... cuz i do bootcamp... My Portable Drive, i bought myself a WD 320GB my Passport, Reformatted to FAT32 using Mac's Disk Util(removes the Partitioning problems) that way i can play world of warcraft on any cyber cafes.... and world of warcraft on my mac....
  5. Mac Guguen

    Logitech G7 + Software to help

    Well well seems like the guy on the top is in the same situation im in... Well to tell you the truth....Im also a G7 user, right now im using a software called USB Overdrive, similar to Steermouse, they both work on PC mouses, lets you assigns buttons on the mouse for multiple functions... However, dont expect the mouse to save any profile settings, the mouse is relying on those softwares... Oh and the sensitivity function is weird too, Changing the mouse sensitivity on a Top DPI will affect Med DPI and Low DPI so i suggest to set your sensitivity to something youd like to use on a MED DPI, so you can go Top if you are like driving the Aircraft on BF2 and go Low DPI when ur sniping....
  6. Mac Guguen

    Bluetooth headsets for Skype

    Hi guys, im currently a user of this wonderful machine, the Mac Pro with bluetooth in it. Was wondering if this would work to use with Skype: Plantronics Voyager 520 Heres a link of the product. http://www.plantronics.com/north_america/e...ets/voyager-520
  7. Mac Guguen

    Ideal Webcam for Mac Pro

    Personally, im using a Used iSight Camera (Latest Model) And i thought its image quality is Crystal clear, but no. It shows some Colour spots all over the place and they move, so its not the problem of the lenses. Anyone got any idea wether the Creative Cam Live! Optia AF is better or not?
  8. Hi, Today i want to know which webcam would result to a better performance result when used alongside a mac pro. Today im here with 2 products The Apple External iSight Camera And The Creative Live! Cam Optia AF I just want to know between the 2 webcam, which could result to a higher score, Oh and which one has the better Mount for the Apple 24" Inch cinema display is also needed. Pros, For the Info on Creative Live! Cam Optia AF, heres the link http://hk.creative.com/products/product_Cr...16425&nav=0 Please provide Clear comparison chart and your own opinion. Thank you very much. Please Submit other Choices if you believe they are better.
  9. Mac Guguen

    9800GX2 working full (qe/ci)

    well what cyclone says is that Even an Old CPU like x800xt should run with FPS same as Geforce8800Gt.... Id be like WTF man theres a difference of 170 FPS better and you call that the same FPS??
  10. Mac Guguen

    9800GX2 working full (qe/ci)

    Dude, Cyclone.... Case you didnt know I played wow on my old computer running on GPU of x800 ATI, now i got meself a mac pro running with geforce8800GT BiG BIG difference from 30 FPS to 200FPS in Shat' so i dont really know what exactly you mean by a dramatic increase... is 170 FPS difference dramatic??
  11. Mac Guguen

    Reasons why I should buy a Mac

    Why a mac?? hmm lets see if you suffer Slow PC, You might consider a change from PC to Mac Because.... 1. Macs are obviously Faster.... 2. Macs Dont Crash 3. Macs (comparing to PC) Has a really really low chance of getting Spyware or virus 4. Macs actually Guarantee that all hardwares in the Macs are... Genuine because only APPLE develops drivers for them. 5. Macs are Slick with 1 and only Platform to operate in, take XP... DUDE XP's got HOME and PRO, whats the difference?? 6. Macs dont come in different package price for headaches, Take Vista... DUDE Vista got like Home, Home premium..., Ultimate (Whats What??) 7. If you're a Dude who actually likes Graphic Design and Movies and Games, buy a Mac, cause the Macs actually are Less Dependent on the Displays, Poor XP gota run SLI to even get games to run smoothly... 8. Macs are Smart specially when it comes to self management. 9. Macs are Safe specially when you like to BT and stuff like that, cause most BTable Files contains Virus for XP.. NOT MAC! (If anyone of you think i got something wrong stated up there, You can always post in disagreement. Im actually expressing my Points cause i switched from PC to Macs and i Love it considering that i bought a Mac Pro, Just love it.) OH and Microsoft are Frauds Remember when the first Personal Computer was built by Apple, Microsoft was still playing with box that lights up in sequence in Albuquerque.
  12. Mac Guguen

    9800GX2 working full (qe/ci)

    you think snow leopard gives support to 9800GX2 SLIed??
  13. Mac Guguen

    9800GX2 working full (qe/ci)

    OK enough, you guys are making me jealous, i got myself a Mac Pro early 2008 version with 8800GT running in it, and i seriously want to get a 9800GX2 display card running in it since you guys say it works, can anyone come up with a NICE Nice instructions manual on how to install?? and im guessing im buying from XFX. Also in future updates of the Mac Os X like 10.5.4 will the kexts be unfunctional again?? assuming that you guys say that 10.5.2 runs with problems with the Latest Kexts and that Kexts are updated all the time and that the lastest kext runs with 10.5.3...... guys i may sound like a total Mac Nut Job but i really wana play World of Warcraft without any laggy FPS cause my 8800GT actually does have them.. So HELP me, guide me.
  14. Mac Guguen

    MightyMice are MightyRubbish

    Have you tried using this method on ALL YOUR MIGHTY Mouse?? Because im pretty sure you can get this method to fix your Mighty Mouse, it did fix mine and theres 95% of Mighty Mouse Customer who actually found that this method works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-fmnRUFgpg
  15. Mac Guguen

    Just ordered a new Mac Pro

    im getting mine in a months time... tell me if its worth it...