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Dell D620 Kalway DVD just looping at startup welcome video


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My Dell D620 specificaion is as follows:-

Celeron Duo Core 1.6

1Gb Ram

Nvidia Quadro NVS 110M

Dell broadcom Wireless

Disbaled in bios LPT, Serial, Ethernet NIC dual core support, Stepspeed, plus another setting called called ND/NX as suggested by someone on here.


Every time I build the system it loops after the welcome startup video when I get to transfer user setting?

I have tried building from the DVD with the following


both vanilla kernel and acpi vanilla on

Both vanilla kernel and acpi vanilla off

with Nvidia Laptop drivers on (but not off)


Should I try again without Nvidia laptop drivers? Or am I doing something silly wrong.


Please an help is really appericated because I am really stuck and going no where fast.


Also note I have tried GUID format with the correct GUID patch not the MBR patch.

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I tried another install last night this time without the Nivdia laptop drivers and it completly failed to install. Right at the end the laptop stated contact supplier unknown error. Does anyone have any further ideas I could try, someone must be able to help, please.


I am so desperate that I am even thinking about purchasing an iMac.

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thanx for the reply but as stated above both have been disabled but still no go. Any more suggestions.


I think the weird laptop Nivida video driver maybe the problem . Others with a D620 that have intel graphics work fine.


Are there any D620 Nivida based laptop owner that have this working? If so what did you do that I'm not please help!!!

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Press command q and click on quit.

This also happened when installing some quicktime updates. The setup just looped.

Pressing command q quitted the setup, and solved the trouble. You can also boot in

safe mode and cancel the setup, that should work.

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