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  1. Set to boot from USB and still no luck. This is infuriating.
  2. I booted from the USB stick through the F12 boot options BIOS command. Since its BIOS not a boot loader do you think it matters?
  3. I tried this on my EP45-UD3P with no luck. Got it on the drive but when it boots it stops here. My Hack is exactly like the Lifehacker build that used this board. Only difference is I have two opticals and 4 hard drives. I have tried Kakewalk and the Xmove way and both stop at the exact same point which makes me think its something I'm missing. I only run 3 kexts for 10.6.8. FakeSMC, AHCI, BlockStorageInjector, and NullPowerManagement. I've also updated to the newest Chimera and tried [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. Any ideas?
  4. Nope, Chameleon won't boot it. Its missing something. I havent found anyone who gave any kind of step by step and I don't want to screw anything up.
  5. I didn't install boot camp through the menu (I also have a real Mac), but VMWare Fusion 3 off the home menu has a selection for Boot Camp Partition. When I select it, it finds my Windows7 drive then prepares it, and boots it up right through OSX. However, once I reboot OSX it stops working, until I star the procedure over. I just wanted to use it as sometimes I just need something in Windows. Its certainly not a deal breaker. I can always boot into Windows7 with the F12 boot menu key in the Bios. I'm going to look into the V3 and the plist.
  6. SBMac I had he issue with having to reset the audio before I installed FakeSMC 2.5. I did my original install with Stella's installer as posted on the Lifehacker - Snow Leopard No Hacking Required page. I would think it must be an issue with the audio driver. If I fix that and figure out why I can only boot my Windows 7 partition (not Boot Camp, not on the same disk) in VMWare only when the Boot Camp VM is first created I will be one happy camper!
  7. I've been searching but can't find anything so maybe someone on here can help. Whereas I know you can't use boot camp easily on a Hackintosh, I wouldn't mind being able to run my Windows 7 drive on the Mac through VMWare. I used the "Boot Camp Partition" menu item in VMWare and am able to easily get my Windows 7 drive to run under VMWare. That is until I reboot when I get an error regarding finding the drive. Since it obviously works perfectly the first time I would have to think there is some simple fix to keep it working. Does anyone have any ideas? Oh, my Windows 7 is on a second hard drive not a partition.
  8. Reporting in success for me... Everything the same as the Lifehacker build but: 1) Optiarc DVD burner, and a second CDR/DVD combo drive. 2) Western Digital Black HD and added my other Seagate Barracudas into the fray. 3) 4GB of memory, used Crucial Ballistics. I only have had a few problems, two of which I fixed from the posts. Had the network card in the wrong slot and it wasn't picking it up. Moved it and viola, working. Also the temperature sensors were not working so I switched to FakeSMC v2.5. The last one is minor, but maybe someone knows a solution Every time I reboot my sounds resets to default output of headphones on Sound Effects and Output tab. I need to switch bother to line out at every restart. Anyone have this problem or a solution?