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iMac G5 won't boot

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I received a broken iMac G5 with following problem:

When I try to boot it, I get no image on the screen and there's some weird crackling coming from the speakers (I can hear the chime). When I try another couple of times the crackling gets less and I get finally image on the screen. Then I've to restart another one or two times because of a kernel panic.

Once fully booted, the imac works flawless and I can reboot without any problem. I even got Leopard installed.

When I turn the imac off for some time the problem rises again.

I first thought it was a overheating problem but all the fans are running normally (I couldn't check the processor fans as they were covered by some nice Apple design ;) )

Does anyone know this problem or is there a way to check the fans at booting time?



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