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  1. Convert active iPhone 2g to Gophone?

    Jailbreak and install BossPreffs to turn off EDGE completely. Other then that it will work fine, that's what I use.
  2. iMac G4

    Try the Control key instead. There is also the reset button on the Motherboard, but getting into in iMac G4 is not the easiest feat.
  3. Take One, Leave One

    Neither (OK, maybe COD4) Canon or Panasonic?
  4. iPhone minimize keyboard?

    Click 'Done' in the upper right corner. It least that's the way it was done in 1.1.1
  5. Sounds like the logic board. Check the connector from the DC-in board. You could build a DC-clip sort of thing that power the computer through the battery input. 12v DC and 3v DC. I had a G3 iBook with the same problem and I did this.
  6. The Official 360 Gamertag Thread

    Gamertag: Tayklor About all I ever play is Halo 3. You can add me if you want.
  7. OK, I have a 1 GHz TiBook and one in every 5-10 times you start it up, the video has a fine grid of black through it. You can shut down, press the P-Ram button under the keyboard and it works fine again. If you know anything about this please help. THX in advance
  8. windows xp then osx86

    You will need 2 hard drives. That is all I know.
  9. iPhone SDK Released

    I went there and it's not there.
  10. iPhone SDK Released

    j-P Where did you find that. It's not in my Simulator's Apps Folder.
  11. iPhone SDK Released

    Installer won't work without a recompile for PPC/X86, The Simulator runs the iPhone apps on Intel, no CPU Emulation here.
  12. crazy iphone lady

    :hysterical: :hysterical:
  13. 1.1.3 Leads to Problems...and Hope

    Thats right. Also, Me thinks Apple will release new firmware that will support 3rd parts apps. The apps will be in the Media partition and I see no folder for apps in iPHUC (With 1.1.3) You can downgrade to 1.1.1 but you can't use the phone as the modem firmware.