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whcich version of osx is good for this:


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amd athelon 64 X2 4600 +

GE-Force 8600GT 512MG

2 gig of ram

250 gig of hard drive

MSI k9n neo something...motherboard

Realtek HD on board sound card

i really really want to have a mac that runs good on my pc ' i really love mac osx. please help me.people here dont usually answer (ignore me) but please help me jsut this once i really love mac and i want it but cant afford it. ;)

so i'm counting on your helping mod. :(

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I would have to say your best bet is a uphuck version in the 10.4.9 range


make sure there is either an "a" at the end of the v1.3 or it says universal.


Jas 10.4.8 usually works well universally also.


Your video card I do not think works, at all, try to get a 7 or lower series with 256mb or lower


You may have to tweak kexts to get everything else to work.



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