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  1. Mac Users Have Different Brains

    Riiiight, a survey done by a advertisement company who claims themselves as psychologists... hmmm, I'm wondering who paid for the survey: hint hint (something start with "a" and end with "e"?) You can see the hilarity of this study if you replace OS with washing machine. "Study shows that users of certain washing machine have more sex."
  2. Which Version of OSX is best?

    Don't panic. You should be able to boot back into vista. You may have overwritten your vista boot mgr. Pop in your vista disk and do a repair.
  3. 10.5.2 update coming soon

    worse come to worse, reinstall everything, which can be a very enlightening experience.
  4. ALC888 Kext

    Just download this: ALC888 KEXT FOR ICH9 I assume you know how to install kext right? If you are not sure, Use Delish's Kext helper (search this forum and you shall find).
  5. ALC888 Kext

    You just have to add an line of code for ICH9, basically copy everything for ICH8 and add your device id.
  6. ALC888 Kext

    Search for skippyretard's post in this forum. The one mtotho posted is a codec dump. It works with AppleHDA patcher.
  7. Turn off AHCI mode and turn on SATA native mode in your bios.
  8. ALC888 5.1 channel on P35-DS3L

    I believe the codec dump doesn't map the channel properly, that's why we only have 1 line out instead of 3 line out. I didn't want to spend the time to study the codec dump to solve this problem. You are right, if I want real 5.1, I can always boot into window or vista. The only time I ever need 5.1 is when I play games. There's no point of 5.1 in listening music. Regarding the network issue, my only advice for you is to get a cheap pci lan. I'm using D-Link DFE-538TX. Works out of box, no need to install any driver. It is lightning fast. It cost me less than 15 bucks.
  9. To comment on the sata ports issue, the reason all 4 ports are recognized in your case is because you used Kalyway's dvd and you probably used the AppleViaATA.kext that came with it. without that kext, the last 2 ports (port 2 and 3) won't be recognized no matter if you turn AHCI on or not. As for you network card issue, do you have a wireless card as well? Also, AHCI makes my vista unbootable for some reason. I didn't bother to install my vista with F6 + AHCI floppy disk driver method as I don't have a floppy disk drive. I tried to change the registry and make vista boot with AHCI driver instead of PCIIDE driver. It didn't work, only makes my vista boot hang... forever... So I turned it off. But I indeed noticed that without AHCI, my Leopard boot slower. I know the initial load of AHCI did take little extra time in boot. On a seperate note, you can boot your XP in AHCI mode with little registry hack and intel iastor.sys driver.
  10. ALC888 5.1 channel on P35-DS3L

    Weird, that didn't happen to me. Were you using the patcher for codec dump? Also, make sure do repair permission after you install the kext.
  11. Vista Leopard Easy BCD

    I have a instruction written up. Look in my signature. Make sure you manually select the disk number and partition number. Also, were you able to boot leopard through bios?
  12. Questions about Leopard

    To see how many cores you are actually running, just run the activity monitor in utility. You can update directly to 10.5.1 if you installed with EFI. Otherwise, you may run into all sorts of problems.
  13. I GIVE UP!

    unset it and reset it.
  14. boot into verbose mode and try to see where it got stuck. When you boot up your installation dvd, while it's counting down, press F8 then key in -v then enter. Also make sure disconnect all other drives from your computer and only connect your dvd drive on IDE master primary and your MAC drive.
  15. one reason for osx boot error

    Try to change your boot sequence in your bios. You changed the location of boot disk but didn't tell bios about the change, that's why it can't boot!