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Best software for manipulating photos

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Hi All,


I have a new intel based MBP with 4 gig of ram. I am wanting to buy a really good photo manipulation software package however I have no clue what is the best one to purchase. I would love to find something that is open source if at all possible, I take a ton of pics on my travels for work and I would love to be able to get crazy with them or merge them when that would be appropriate. Any and all suggestions are most appreciated!



If you're going to do actual 'editing-editing' you want Photoshop. However if you're just going to adjust lighting issues and correct hues Apple's Aperture and Adobe's Lightroom will work.

Hi Guys,


Thanks for the responses! I did download GIMP and I have x11 running on my MBP and everytime I go to edit a photo GIMP just shuts down and quits. Anyone have any ideas on this? I am fixing to go and see if there is some update for the x11 that I dont have. Hopefully that will resolve the problem.



I will be doing "editing-editing" playing with layers adding and removing things from the image and stitching multiple photo's together to get a panaramic photo :D

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iPhoto 09 will allow you to do just about any post/correction you could ever want. If you want to get more into composition, Gimp and Photoshop.


If you don't envision yourself doing a lot of detailed text work with your photos, just download Gimp (fossfor.us has a Leopard build) and go to town. The only thing Gimp is really lacking from PS nowadays (for photo/web use) is vector text.

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If you want opensource/freeware I would suggest the combination RawTherapee with Gimp. RawTherapee is used to import your RAW photos and do the basic color/exposure adjustments and Gimp for the real editing.


Otherwise go for the combination Lightroom with Photoshop.

I actually like this combo the best as Lightroom is more stable than RawTherapee and Photoshop has some better features...

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