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  1. Docking Station for 17" MBP

    somebody? anybody? No one has these for their MBP?
  2. Docking Station for 17" MBP

    Hi! Does anyone out there have a docking station for their 17" MBP? At 300.00 I would like some user input before buying one. I currently have my 22" widescreen monitor as a external display which works fine but I want to connect my speakers and other stuff that is sitting on my desk Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Itisme25
  3. Ever wanted to color your iMac?

    I bought the red skin for my MBP as well. I travel alot and I am tired of the scratched look on my book as well. It was just a bonus that it makes it pretty
  4. what made you switch to mac?

    I havent touched mac since my Apple 2c many many moons ago. I was doing some research because I needed a machine that I could travel with that would allow me more than 2 gig of memory. I came across apple again realized that they were intel based VMWare fusion had just come out so I popped down to my local Apple store and picked up a MBP 17" glossy. I bought the upgraded memory from another vendor as I wasnt going to pay 750 for 4 gig of RAM. Got it home and started playing, havent looked back since. Took my old HP laptop and converted it to a VMWare image so I have the windows based {censored} I need for work. My hubby liked my MBP so much he went to the Apple store the following week and bought a new Mac Pro desktop. Our windows machines were converted to VMWare images wiped and sent out to family! We are now a full Mac family and we are not looking back!
  5. case/bag/anything to protect my macbook

    I would check out www.speckproducts.com This is a hard plastic case that stays on your MB all the time. I travel a great deal and this have saved me on more than one occasion. I have the case, a sleeve, then my bag with a cushioned compartment for the sleeve. They are also now available in colors for the 17" MBP instead of just clear!
  6. MacBook Hard Drive

    I have new 17" MBP and I run 4 GIG of ram in it. I do a ton of Virtulization for work so I need it. If it wasnt for that I would be fine running 2 gig.
  7. Best software for manipulating photos

    Once I downloaded the updated X11 GIMP started working
  8. Best software for manipulating photos

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses! I did download GIMP and I have x11 running on my MBP and everytime I go to edit a photo GIMP just shuts down and quits. Anyone have any ideas on this? I am fixing to go and see if there is some update for the x11 that I dont have. Hopefully that will resolve the problem. I will be doing "editing-editing" playing with layers adding and removing things from the image and stitching multiple photo's together to get a panaramic photo
  9. Hi All, I have a new intel based MBP with 4 gig of ram. I am wanting to buy a really good photo manipulation software package however I have no clue what is the best one to purchase. I would love to find something that is open source if at all possible, I take a ton of pics on my travels for work and I would love to be able to get crazy with them or merge them when that would be appropriate. Any and all suggestions are most appreciated! Thanks!