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Asus Striker Extreme & CoolerMaster Sphere.

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OK - I'm just about to go and pickup some new parts.


Just wondering if i'm going to have issue's with this heatsink


A cooler master Sphere - Being attached to a Asus Striker Extreme




[original link to page - HERE! - I'd look at some of the other images, as it doesn't look to big in that picture.


onto this






Does anyone know if it fits or not? Because the damn plumbing around the CPU looks like its in the way.


If anyone doesn't, i'll go grab it anyway - i'll report back.

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It looks as if it might fit. The base of the cooler isn't too big and it might fit, although maybe tight. If you can get some measurements of the cooler and the motherboard CPU area then you might be able to find out but again not sure. You may want to ask the computer techs at whatever store you're buying the parts from if the cooler fits.

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