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Best case ?

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i'm seeking case recommendations for my future hackintosh build. originally i was gonna go for a HTPC case but now i think its better to go for a tower


what im lookin for


-all aluminum

-front ports: usb 2.0, firewire, audio

-well contructed

-good cooling


-attractive looks

-easy installation (tool free)



a couple i spotted were the thermaltake aguila, gigabyte 3d aurora 570, zalman z-machine gt1000


i dont wanna spend too much but im willing to cough up the extra dough to get a good case....i dont wanna cheap out on a case


are there any other specific models or brands that i should look at? when do case manufacturers usually introduce new products?

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Antec Sonata III is a great performing case and its very quiet. It looks OK to me, not flashy, you'll have to decide for yourself whether it looks good or not. Another awesome case is the Thermaltake Armor VA8000BWS. It looks crazy good, has a huge fan on the side (great cooling), 11 drive bays (that's right, 11), and there is tons of room for anything you want to stick in there. And its not overpriced either ;)

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lian li cases are a little too plain for me, they seem well contructed though and a lot of people rave about them.


the thermaltake armor looks pretty big....probably overkill for me


the only problem with most of the cases im lookin at is they dont have a removable motherboard tray.


im gonna be buildin this rig when the penryn 45nm quad cores come out with an x38 mobo. dont need a huge case just somethin that will be fine for that with good air flow/cooling.


any others like the gigabyte 3d aurora 570s? do you think i should be lookin at gettin other fans or are the stock case fans usually good enough?

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I'd say the Cooler Master Stacker 830, but watch for it on sale cause its expensive otherwise. I'm using it for my hackintosh im building. It's nice aluminum, very well built, 4 front USB ports, one FW400, and Audio (HD or Analog). It looks like it should be an Apple item. And all of that mesh is OC'ing fun.


EDIT: And it has a removable logic board tray.

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