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PPC emulation/virtualization on Intel Macs? (no, not Rosetta....)

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Has anyone seen any projects that will allow us to run PPC operating systems from within Mac OS X on the Intel macs (a la VirtualPC)? For software testing purposes, I need to be able to run the PPC versions of 10.3 and 10.4... preferably on my Intel mac!


And like I said, I'm thinking in regards to something like VirtualPC, vmware, bochs, pearpc, etc.


- Justin

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try to compile PearPC linked against SDL in Mac OS. but it works only for Mac OS X. an alternative would be basilisk, which i think is already universal binary which works for systems up to 8.5, afaik.


no 9 emulation, though :(

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Supports X86,ARM,SPARC,PPC, and more.


But you're going to need to recompile the source under OSXi.


Here are some GUI's that are very nice and easy to use. The only difference i've found between them is the way they look.




Which also will need to be recompiled, but it all should run under rosetta. If you're doing a pretty heavy OS, like XP or something, i can't imagine how slow Rosetta+Emulator would be.


Have fun.

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