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  1. I've recently bought MSI U200 notebook that uses Pentium Dual-Core SU4100 CPU (Penryn-3M CULV core, 2M L2 cache) but is in similar dimensions as U100 that uses Atom CPU. It also uses GMA4500MHD for graphics. As I noticed, there's a 'SnowyWindOSX' project that aims to get Snow Leopard on Wind notebooks, but it seems to target Atom-based U100 only. Nevertheless, I tried getting SL using the 'vanilla' way, with Chameleon 2.0RC3 bootloader and Netkas PC EFI 10.5. I used the 'Extra' folder from this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=191255 . Unlike other folders I tried, this one actually got me to boot to the first setup screen. Problem is, it does not apparently recognise the keyboard or the touchpad, seeing how I can't move the cursor or anything. So I attached a USB keyboard and mouse to see if anything is different. Turns out the mouse can move the cursor, but I can't click anything. Nothing on the screen is responsive. So I'm now not sure if it's a hardware device problem or that the setup process somewhat froze at that point. If anyone has seen a similar problem and know how to get around the issue, please help out. Thanks.
  2. The bug in the native Intel driver still prevents 'normal' booting for GMA900 series.
  3. wesley

    AMD X2 dual core and cpus=1

    This problem is SO not going anywhere. You know this sig of mine's been this way since last November or so? Heh. Some people have it working with idlehalt=0, but my system, as well as lots of others, needed to resort to cpus=1.
  4. wesley


    Use WinRAR to open the .rar one. The rest (.r00, .r01, etc.) are spanned archives that go with it. After decompressing the file you'll have something to work with.
  5. wesley

    Quicktime 7 - Very Sluggish Video

    ..maybe because you didn't get the necessary codecs for it? I can view pretty much any video on QT7 myself. You know, DIVX and Flip4Mac WMV and AC3 and stuff. Note that it's not Apple just being 'fond' of QT. QT is the very foundation of multimedia playback on Mac platform. It's like how Windows Media is to Windows. QT for Windows is just a shadow of what QT is for OS X - it's just meant to support QT-specific files.
  6. wesley

    iDVD insanely slow !

    I couldn't pass up looking at 'Intel P2 2GHz'... eheh...
  7. The driver is for RT2500 series, including RT2560F. Why, I have a miniPCI WLAN card with that chipset and it works fine on my Hackbook with the latest driver @ Ralink.
  8. wesley

    Docking the Dock!

    The font/colour options are there to be used sparingly. It shouldn't be used to create those 'loud' posts. You're the one asking for help, so you should first ask, well, politely. This forum being voluntarily run, others are not obligated to answer any of your questions. Why decrease the chances of getting answers? After all, it's your loss. Now, here's an interesting thing to try. Drag the Applications folder into the dock. When you click-and-hold the folder in the dock, what do you see?
  9. wesley

    QT 7.1.3 update problems

    Mr.Sticky's instructions worked fine for me. Back to 7.1.2 and everything's working again.
  10. wesley

    QT 7.1.3 update problems

    I get an error that the file couldn't be opened on ALL formats now. QT7.1.3 with Dothan Pentium M 1.6GHz system with 910GML+GMA900 setup. This is SSE2-only. QT will open the files under Rosetta, albeit INCREDIBLY slowly. Until the issues are fixed I'm sticking with VLC.
  11. wesley

    Use Control as Apple Key

    The problem is, though, some stuff in Windows use Alt key modifier for an action that uses CMD (Apple) key in OS X. For example, for task switching, Windows uses Alt-Tab, while OS X uses CMD-Tab. Also, Ctrl key is called the same thing in OS X, so assigning the key to something else may confuse you at some point when you really need Ctrl modifier. So for me, instead of making myself fool into thinking Ctrl = CMD, I just use the keys as is. Just my two pennies.
  12. Hmm, I thought I replied to someone, but that person is gone. Strange...
  13. wesley

    Build Own Intel "Mac Mini"

    To summarize: 1. microATX: slightly smaller than normal desktops using midtower cases. Probably the most flexible and least expensive, but hardly anywhere near Mac mini size. If you can forget about the size constraints, this will fit the bill. 2. Shuttle SFF: even smaller than microATX, and much more perceivably so because it's stacked sideways. Good trade-offs between size and expandability, but gets expensive. This is about as small as you can go if you want powerful discrete graphics. Prepare some more cash. 3. miniITX: The only widely available consumer solution that'll nearly match Mac mini's form factor. But the mobos are expensive, CPU choices are limited to expensive laptop parts or slow, slow VIA parts, and worst of all, discrete graphics is out of the window. Unless you have a lot of cash to burn just to duplicate a Mac mini on your own, don't touch this.
  14. wesley

    Build Own Intel "Mac Mini"

    I would not consider a mATX platform 'small', as in 'Mac mini' small. I've built a mATX system in a small slim case and that thing's volume is 13 times the Mac mini. The thing is, you can have it cheap or have it small, but not both. Just going 'Shuttle SFF' small jacks up the price already and yet the volume is 8 times the Mac mini (yes, this is a correct calculation). The sub-$1000 target IS reasonable if you're going this route, but except for possibly better graphics, there's not much advantage. You can get really close to the Mac mini size in terms of volume if you use a miniITX mobo and the accompanying infrastructure, but this solution lacks an external graphics display option, killing any advantage about graphics performance, Core Duo solution is hard to come by (Pentium M is usually the highest you can find), so CPU performance is already slow, and considering that most of them just use a VIA CPU it really sucks. All the meanwhile the mobo alone cost you like $300 or more and you haven't even started. So... it doesn't sound so great now, does it?
  15. wesley

    dvd burn

    Generally, the same place you got your OSx86 installation. Alternately, just buy one...