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Asus P5LD2 and EFI


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Does anyone know if any of the EFI versions will work with the Asus P5LD2 motherboard with a C2D chip?


Please let me know ASAP.





Hi Michael,


PC System - build up from components GeekBench score ~3100, XBench score ~160

- Leopard Kalyway 10.5.1 working with patched kernel ("vanilla" gives short restart before loading)

- ASUS P5LD2 motherboard (BIOS updated to 1903), chipset Intel 945P

- CPU E6300 Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 GHz (overclocked to 2.33 GHz) - working fine with both cores active

- 4x1 GB DDR2 PC5300 (667 MHz) - no overclocking - working with 3.2 GB for System and BIOS at POST reports the rest of 800MB "Appropriated" - motherboard limited capability

- Sapphire ATI X1300Pro 256 MB, working with DiaboliK patch (error on installation but after restarting the system everything works fine with QE and CI and different resolutions and frequencies), VGA working fine BUT NO DVI

- monitor ASUS MB19TU at 1280x1024x32@75 on VGA

- Western Digital 250 GB Sata2, EFI-GUID partitioned from Kalyway DVD, reserved only for OSX, system installed on second/primary partition (except first/primary EFI partition, the rest of them have a 128 MB unallocated space appeared after partitioning in OSX with diskutil DO NOT MESS WITH THEM

- Seagate Quantum 160 GB Sata2, MBR partitioned reserved only for WinVista32, system installed on first/primary NTFS partition, second/primary NTFS partition and the rest of three NTFS extended/logigal partitions (all of them writable fromLeo with MacFuse and NTFS-3G driver)

- Western Digital 40 GB IDE 100, EFI-GUID partitioned from Kalyway DVD, reserved for Leo's TimeMachine

- DVD-RW ASUS 1608S, working just fine

- LAN on-board working fine without patching

- sound ALC882 on-board working with Taruga's 1.20 patch and the linux codec dump http://psykopat.free.fr/apple/AppleHDA/realtek/882.txt - working fine even the front connectors for out and mic (not tested the SPDIF output)

- all USB active with very good speed

I will give it a try to format the WD250 as EFI-MBR for Leo to see if "vanilla" kernel will work.

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