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iMac G4 upgrade questions.

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So, I'm upgrading my grandparent's iMac g4. It's current specs are:


1.25 GHz PowerPC processor

256 MB of fixed RAM.

17 inch screen.

Combo, maybe superdrive.

Mac OS X 10.3 Panther.

and last, but not least, an 80 GB HD.


They had about.. 5 MB of Files on there, so I just backed that up onto a CD, and I reinstalled Panther in order to get rid of Classic, which was just a royal pain.


We're putting in a gig of ram, OS X Leopard, and iLife '08.


Also, when I reinstalled, and hit option at boot, I noticed that the BIOS was outdated. Or so I think. It looks very, very OS 9'ey. I'm not sure it's just like that, or if there's some update to have the interface similar to EFI.


Anything I should watch out for? And will the processor be sufficient for these apps? Thanks in advance!

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Open Firmware, eh?


Thanks for that tip. =)


There isn't a Firmware update for your iMac - I've got the same model. I've never seen the screen you mention, when I hold down a key I get the drive icon and firewire icon - I suppose these look a bit old fashioned (they reminded me of Amiga icons!)


You could put 2gb in there and a larger drive if you were willing to open it up - not a 5 minute job...


I tried Leo, but wasn't too happy with the performance but 10.4.11 (and iLife) works great.

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iMovie '08 isn't a big deal. Actually I found '06 much more useful. I think Leo should run fine though, with a 1.25 GHz processor.


Thanks for all the suggestions and whatnot.

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