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  1. Any mini ITX motherboard for iMac G4?

    A mini itx motherboard will fit in the base - but just barely. It has to go in at an angle and you may have difficulty accessing the ports. However, to be honest, I do not recommend using a mini itx with this mod. Anything you put at the bottom will be in a steel cage getting no air flow. The wires, hard drive, etc will all be above the mobo blocking even the tiny holes at the top of the cage and you will not be able to fit a 5.25" drive or atx power supply - trust me. If you are set on using a mini itx - I would stick with low power/heat atom or and fusion boards. I used an ECX (a 3.5" board" that was a Core 2 Duo. Because it sits right on top it actually gets some ventilation and has its own pico power supply. I would recommend either an ECX or Nano itx board if you are set on doing an all-in-one. Anything more heat producing I'd consider keeping the computer external. What size iMac are you using? The problem with mounting a different monitor is that most monitors are much thicker, because of the lcd controller, inverter/power source that are not there or very small in the iMac. Anyway - good luck and hope this helps.
  2. This is a case mod of two popular PowerPC iMacs the G4 and the G5. Both of these have been converted to external DVI monitors using a combination of native parts and parts from Apple's 20" aluminum cinema display. These are arranged in a dual monitor setup for the newest generation mac mini, which can be seen underneath the right hand portion of the desk. It is in a 3rd party mount that features very useful front facing USB ports. Both the iMac G4 and iMac G5 are more than just monitors, they give the mac mini extra functionality. The iMac G4's base contains a DVD R/W drive - functioning as an external optical drive. The iMac G5's iSight camera and microphone have been converted to USB making the iMac G5 an external webcam/mic. The iMac G4's Apple Pro speakers connect via iFire to a firewire and 3.5mm jack to complete the setup. The iMac G4 mod: This was originally an all-in-one which used a Penryn Core 2 Duo ECX board, however after difficulties with attempted hackintoshing and the release of the new Sandy Bridge mac mini's I elected to convert this to an external monitor for an external mini. The monitor housing contains the native LCD and inverter. The neck has been modified with wires from the 17" iMac neck as well as wires from the apple cinema display's cable. The cinema display's power brick is at the top of the dome with the power source from an internal optical drive enclosure. The native iMac power plug gets split between these two. An on/off switch for the drive was added to the rear ports as well. The 5.25" SATA DVD R/W drive slides in to where the native superdrive was and the SATA connected to the power and a SATA to USB converter. The cinema display's control board then sits underneath the drive getting power and signaling from the LCD and also supplying 2 powered USB ports. One of the USB ports hooks up to the drive and one additional port is available for use in the rear of the machine. A DVI to HDMI cable yields an HDMI out which plugs into the mini. A completed external USB optical drive and 20" monitor in the iMac G4's case The iMac G5 mod: Initially I had used the case to the first generation (non-iSight) iMac G5. I used the native display but with the LCD controller, inverter, and wiring from the cinema display pictured above. The Cinema Display's cable goes out the back (where the power cord was natively) and the power brick is external. The original iMac G5 was quite bulky and I was using an external webcam/mic until a friend recommended using the iSight. The iSight can be spliced directly to a USB cable and while the mic is spliced to a 3.5mm plug, an inexpensive USB sound card (mic and headphone jacks to USB) can be used to make the microphone USB compliant. The mic and camera then plug into the cinema display controller's 2 USB ports. And then the mod is complete:
  3. This is a mod that I have been working on for some time. I have converted a broken 17" iMac G4 into an external monitor / touch screen that can be connected to any computer by either DVI or VGA. All cables and connections (including the touch screen) go through the neck and can be connected to the base. As the iMac G4 monitor uses a non-standard TMDS connection, I decided to replace the LCD with a standard LVDS monitor. The monitor components including the lcd controller and power source/inverter were relocated to the base as well as the touch screen controller. The touch screen is a resistive touch screen which connects via USB. The neck was entirely rewired. Currently, I have it hooked up to a mini itx Windows 7 Core 2 Duo build (skinned to look like Leopard). This mod gives me a touch screen external monitor that I can use with any modern hardware, which is indistinguishable from a standard 17" iMac G4. So, I can keep my iMac a usable computer/monitor indefinitely. Because you can pull and tilt the monitor the touch screen is very useful unlike most desktop touch screens. I have detailed the build process (including parts list) at: Build Process Here is a video:
  4. iMac G4 upgrade questions.

    It will run, but with only 256mb of ram it will be slow. I'd recommend upping the ream to 2 gigs to run 10.5
  5. Dead iMac G4

    iMac G4's are very expensive and labor intensive to repair. You could always strip out everything and replace the lcd with a different screen, using it as an external monitor
  6. My nearly finished Hack the Tosh

    Wow!! Very impressed. Nice work.
  7. save imac g4 project

    Fleebailey, Even if you use a TMDS AD board, you still need to extend the inverter to backlight wires. In the original iMac (all sizes) the inverter is in the monitor's housing. However, to date I don't think anyone has been able to get the original inverter to work with anything other than the iMac G4 motherboard (I have tried extensively) and the inverters are custom made to fit perfectly in the cases. So unfortunately. no other inverter can fit inside the monitor casing. So the inverter has to be placed in the base and extended to the backlights in the lcd. Because none of the existing wires in the the iMac G4 neck are designed to carry and shield the high voltage that is required, the neck has to be removed, opened, and these wires added to the existing wires.
  8. save imac g4 project

    I just wanted to thank blugray, I had almost given up on this mod. After I saw his mod I decided to give it another try. I took a different approach, I replaced the 20 inch panel with a standard LVDS panel, then replaced the wiring in the neck. I am not using mine as an all-in-one, instead there is a blu-ray drive in the base. http://dremmeljunkie.blogspot.com/