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Leopard Server Working , EFI v7.3 , 10.5.1 upgrade ok


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Leopard Server 10.5 on a hack


I have successfully installed Leopard 10.5 Server in my hack. Seems to work pretty well, altho I need to read up on some documentation so I can know the in n outs of Apple's server OS( looks simple enough tho to get it up and running).


How I did it? Simple. You are basically converting your Leopard 10.5 Client Install to a Leopard Server install. Most info here are bits and pieces around the forum and a few hours of experimenting. I used the Flat install method(see my sig) because of speed of install, but any other install should work. Used serial from iserial Dec pack and says will not expire( unlike the old one that expires this December)

  1. Get a hold of the Server image floating around from your favorite places
  2. Get a working Leopard Client install up and running, TOH, Brazilmac or Flat-image. Apply all patches required for your install. PC_EFI recommended, have not tried using the regular non PC_EFI install method but I think is should work also.
  3. From your Leopard Client Install run the Leopard server dmg. Double click and install Mac OS X Leopard Server. Restart after the setup.
  4. You will now configure your server upon boot up. Select STANDARD just to get you going. Complete the rest of the setup. I dont know why but it takes about 30mins to finish.
  5. Start configuring your server after restart

Heres the guide I used to install PC_EFI v7.3 PCI_EFI install guide


Problems/issues encountered

- Checking the logs, I get some kind of error. Check yours. know nothing about it right now.

- Configuring the Web server seems to take a long time to read and save the configuration.

- Windows computers cant access the Leopard server by name only by IP, but I havent looked into it yet, maybe just a restart on the windows PC will solve it.


Pics and more updates to follow.

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