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  1. Hi, I have a newly installed iPC 10.5.6, all is well but I cant seem to see shared folders in my hackintosh from my Macbook pro. I have to do the connect to server via afp://IP address before I can see the share. Also, I cant get the Apple Remote app for the iPhone to conect to iTunes in my Hack, but no problems connecting to the Macbook Pros iTunes. So, Im thinking it has something to do with my Hacks Network. Any Ideas? Hardware is in my sig.
  2. I got mine from Frys this weekend, have some other parts lying around so this would be a very cheap build for me. Also, everything fits well on one of those used-to-be-abundant IBM netvista cases. Good thing I still have 2 left. For $9 for those cases this build would hover around $120. Will also get the ASUS WL-138G from Newegg. Thanks!
  3. Neat! So how does Leopard feel on an 800mhz machine? dopeyo, you should be able to read any dvd on your drive, SL or DL. Most movies are DL DVDs right? Let meknow if thats still a problem for you because im thinking of getting an older G4 imac.
  4. Here ya go. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/08/06...w_products.html
  5. If this rumor were true, then apple will likely go to PC makers like dell and hp. Apple would want some controlled and standard hardware to work with. Maybe a new Dell/HP line just for Apple OS X. They would probably drop the price of macs just to stay a tad above the rest for the fanatics. hehehehe... dream on my friends! One more reason not listed in the article to prove that OS X is going to the PC is that Microsoft recently beefed up its MAC software division by a hiring frenzy. They dont want to miss the band wagon....
  6. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    and Gizmodo! its being hammered. This better be good, alot more eyes are looking now.
  7. I upgraded my Kalyway 10.5.2 install which has gone thru numerous board changes and patching and it hosed my system. Initially I was getting the Waiting for root device. Loaded the AHCI kext from another install and now its a kernel panic. I decided to do a fresh install and its shocking to see that using different hard drives on the same computer can have different results! At any rate my new install is running just fine. transfered my stuff over. For those having USB mounting problems try installing a different kernel. Mine worked using the Modbin 9.3 but I remember using a diffent installer. Not the one that Kalyway provided. For those having " I dont have network connection no matter what I do". I just reinstalled. Couldnt fix it when it occured. sorry. For those asking about sleep/wake up. I do have sleep and wake up and restart and sometimes shutdown. But I wouldnt be surprised, my board will do S1 or S3 sleep without problems. I currently have Modbin 9.3 and also works with vanilla, but restart/shutdown dont work with vanilla. Only problem I have with it is that it is not smooth as I remembered it to be. If you minimize( genie) say safari it wouldnt be super smooth, unlike the other install I did with a different hard drive. But no biggie.
  8. WWDC 2008 Rumor Roundup

    Probably not as Apple is always stressing that only one company makes the software and hardware as the reason why macs work smoothly. Im predicting an Atom based touch pad/tablet to compete with the bunch of cheap atom based mini notebooks. Imagine a 7 to 10 inch tablet, thinner than the macbook air! ( no harm in dreaming)
  9. Has anyone got S3 sleep to work on these boards?
  10. Has anyone got S3 sleep to work? S1 does fine but I need S3. Anyone?
  11. Nice! I just got my EP35-DS3P board and will try out the new Kalyway 10.5.2. Its nice to know the front panel is working, didnt work on my GA-965P board.
  12. Cebep, We seem to have almost the same hardware, DS3L 8600GT etc. but I cant seem to get it to sleep. What GFX string did you use? Royco
  13. Anybody got the DS3L to sleep reliably? Im doing this for a friend who has the DS3L instead but cant get sleep to work even with using different kernels and AppleSMBIOSes. But if I switch his hard drive to my rig it sleeps like a baby. So that leads me to the board itself. Any inputs appreciated. Awsome guide PCwiz. Installer was great and convenient.
  14. Install ShowTime to record video. With regards to the speaker,well its pretty small and unless they have space for a waveguide its going to stay that way( headphones upgrade would be better). A 5MP camera would be nice, I agree. I guess all the other features, 3G, 5mp cam, etc etc are reserved for iPhone2.
  15. I have a different board but after the Kalyway 10.5.2 combo update DVD player says no dvd drives found, but the OS can see the dvd and mounts it( DVD player just cant see the drive). Im using a USB dvd drive.