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Hackintosh for sale.

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Looking to sell my Hackintosh. It has not been used for anything other than seeing if I could install apple on it. I have erased the hard drive due to the legality of apple but I will include iLife 08, iWork 08 and Office 2004 (With S/n)


The specs are in my sig but I will post them here as well.



Dell Optiplex GX240



Intel P4


Hard Drive:




Wireless WMP54G installed and functional.


Video Card:

Nvidia GeForce 5200



Cant Remember



1 GB of RAM


Installed Software:

Office 2004


iLife 08


iWork 08



It has been used for nothing else. I made it to see if I could then wiped it and reinstalled it. I can also include a 40 GB HDD and an additional 1 GB of RAM.

This system is perfect for everyone. It is setup so you can take it out of the box and go. All the cables are included and I will even throw in a bluetooth dongle!!



I am asking for atleast 250. Higher will be better though. I have to pay for school.


It will go to the highest bidder. Will last 7 days and the countdown will begin after the first bid.


Bidding Policy:

No fake bids, no bidding and then retracting your bid.



I live in the United States and I will not ship to P.O. Box or International.



I expect payment to be made within 5 days of auction close. I will only accept pay-pal. Verivied maybe required.


OS X X86 is not included, the other software is.

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paperboy, ya' know you should bid a $100 for it. Its a VERY good deal for $100.




I wouldn't sell this for $100 if I were you. Wipe the hard drive and put it on eBay with instructions on how to install OSx86 :D

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It is worth a decent lot more than $100. Give me your EXACT specs (processor speed, etc.) and I'll tell you what to ask for it.


What you should do is, put Office 2004, iLife, Mac OSx86 and your other software on CDs and bundle them with the computer and wipe the hard drive clean.

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Its going for about $200 on eBay without the 1 gig of ram so I say with the included software, $250-300 seems like a fair price.

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Yeah, what you should do, like I said, is Include the Mac OSx86 DVD and the software CDs (Office, iWork, etc.) with the computer with instructions and wipe the hard drive and put it on eBay with a minimum offer of $200. This way, they can't accuse you of selling the OSx86 because the HD is wiped. If you want to be further secure, don't include the Mac OSx86 disc with the computer.

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What I would do:


1)Install XP and Sandra:








In order to get more hardware info.


I mean, come on, who is going to buy a computer with these specs:


I really dont know.- Motherboard

Intel Pentium 4- Processor

1 GB DDR2 SDRAM- Memory

Seagate 20GB- Hard DriveDell Optiplex - Case

Normal PowerSupple- Power Supply

Nvidia GeForce 5200- Video

WMP54G- Network

No Clue- Audio


Once you can put a decent ad together, put your PC on Ebay, no minimum price.


Add something like:


"This system works perfectly fine with this project:




(But does it really work with OS X?)

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