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  1. paperboy741258

    US Agents Cleared to Seize Notebooks

    Solution: Strap your desktop to your back when traveling in the US
  2. paperboy741258

    Obama and YouTube are a funny mix.

    are you proposing that good ole' GB should be supreme dictator of the free world?
  3. paperboy741258

    Please test my web server

    I got in, it loaded REALLY slow.
  4. paperboy741258

    Kernel Panic after install

    I had the same problem, what mine turned out to be was the network card driver. I had to boot with -s and patch the driver. Everything worked fine after that. Maybe there is a problem with one of the drivers?
  5. paperboy741258

    [Sell] iBook G3 800MHz

    you sold it! *clap clap*
  6. paperboy741258


    funny, they seem to be experiencing the .1 NOT uptime right now
  7. paperboy741258

    Selling my ram

    ill take it, pmed.
  8. paperboy741258

    How is Dell doing?

    the linux drivers should be on the dell website, so if you buy it with ubantu or windows if its the same hardware you can just get the drivers later.
  9. paperboy741258

    [WANTED] Pentium D, Pentium 4HT 775, CPU

    Pickaxe (To lift up processor) - $12.99 Round trip airfare to africa - ~$2000 Stealing from a third world country - priceless
  10. i have seen them go from 100-200 on ebay new / slightly used usually 50-100 broken / forparts
  11. paperboy741258

    Awesome Deal!

    185 pounds is at least $370 USD
  12. paperboy741258

    Where to buy online a cheap iBook G3 battery?

    I would checkout ebay
  13. paperboy741258

    For Sale - Hackintosh with everything

    what kindof motherboard does it have?
  14. paperboy741258

    help: iMac stuck on single user mode after restart

    It sounds like you have the single user flag in ur boot.plist. Boot with ur hd in the other mac and go edit the boot.plist file