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ut2004 crashing in leopard


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I don't know whether it will help with your problem but here is a post I've found on other forum:


"Possible permissions fix for games on Leopard, Helped UT2004, may help others


Someone at MacRumors thought that in Leopard, repairing permissions would break UT2004 (and for that matter, repairing permissions itself may be broken and in need of an Apple patch). My testing suggests that this is accurate, and I think the problem has to do with the new Access Control Lists used for permissions in Leopard. It's possible it only happens for users who are not admins--that I did not test.


I've found a solution for UT2004, and I suspect it will help other games as well in certain situations. (It's similar to permission problems I've seen in some games pre-Leopard, when playing in an account other than the one that installed the game: other users might lack necessary permissions for certain game files.)


The solution (try at your own risk): In Get Info, make sure the app AND its package contents have you as the owner. I found my account wasn't listed at ALL in the permissions list, and the "everyone" group was not sufficient. So click +, add your account, and then with the newly created entry selected, click the little gear menu and make yourself the owner.


You can then "apply to enclosed items" from the same gear menu. The catch is, you can't use that on a package. So you must manually do this for each item in the package--but if you update ownership for a folder WITHIN the package, you can apply to enclosed items within it.


In this case, I had to make myself the owner of:


1) The app package itself.


2) The Contents folder inside the package, and all enclosed items.


3) The System folder inside the package, and all enclosed items. (Because, I believe, Contents contains an alias to ut-2004.bin inside System.)


I did NOT have to update ownership for any other items in the game package, but that may vary from game to game.


Hope this helps someone. Let us know if it has an effect on other games, or if you notice other permission-related weirdness in Leopard."

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Try Running it from the terminal see what error it gives you...In my case it says that QE isnt enable, and when i checked in profiler , my vid card(Geforce 7300 GT)says QE not supported.. Gonna try to see if I can fix that....hope that helps in anyway...

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