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Time Machine Menu Extra


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Did anyone notice the Time Machine Menu Extra?


(It was included in Developer Seeds until 9A499 at least.)


Unfortunately, Apple removed it from the retail version.


Like every other menu extra, "TimeMachine.menu" was located inside "/System/Library/Core Services/Menu Extras"


I found one old Leopard-9A499-DVD, extracted the menu extra, and voila!


It still works, and I think it's quite more useful than just the Time Machine Dock icon.


Here's what I am talking about:


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Sweet, I'm going to try this from 9a559.


Just copy that folder into the corresponding one on my final Leopard?


I'll let you know how it goes.


EDIT: I'm an idiot, I guess you need to have one of the dev builds installed...I can't seem to extract it form the install DVD.

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awesome, thanks for the fix :( I've got a bunch of the old screensavers/ iChat & Photobooth effects that didn't make it into retail. Not sure if posting them would go against the TOS or not. cmaus, was there anything else that didn't make it into retail? I unfortunately can't go back & look in my old beta disk images due to space issues that I had on some external HD's. But, from what I can see, it was mostly screensavers & iChat affects that didn't make it into the retail version.

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  • 1 month later...

I've noticed a few bugs in its operation:

  • As others noted, the "Last Backup" time doesn't update.
  • When backing up, no progress is shown, and "Stop Backup" is not enabled as it is on the Dock Menu.
  • No way to browse other Time Machine disks.

None of these are show-stoppers, and it's definitely enough to get it off my Dock. What I'd love to see in a third party replacement:

  • Fix the bugs above.
  • Include an optional animation and progress bar when backing up (the menu item could expand and contract, just as the PPP one does when it connects).
  • Show the free space on the backup volume.
  • Allow turning Time Machine on and off.
  • Don't muck with the icon - Apple nailed it. :)

Essentially, a one-stop shop for manipulating Time Machine and seeing its progress and stats.


Oops, just noticed I'm replying to a very old thread. Sorry; I just found it now after being fed up with the Dock icon.

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