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  1. Leaked Photo of Sub-Notebook?

    False for sure. Why would it have an opaque menu bar, as this picture features, while coincidentally the MBP right next to it does as well?
  2. Mac Office 2008

    Pages is useless but Keynote is great and makes Powerpoint look like caveman art. The beta is buggy as {censored}, it'll just close for no reason. It looks great though, much Mac-ier I'm sticking with 04 til a better release comes along.
  3. Rubbish. It's not a phone and it has a terrible interface that is very "early-90's MP3 player"-looking. Does it sync with iCal? thought so.
  4. So I go to school in VT, where there is, according to ATT, absolutely no service from them, only partner service from Unicel. The ATT contract stipulates that if you use 40% of your minutes in such a region two consecutive months, they may terminate your contract. I'm really eager to get an iPhone, and I don't want to wait til May til I graduate and come back to NJ, and was wondering if anyone in VT, SD, ND, MT, where ATT has no service has found a way around this or is successfully using an iPhone. Or, if anyone can think of how I can get around this. Thanks.
  5. Hacking Leopard GUI

    Does anyone know what file the 2D dock background is? I want to get rid of it. I have been rooting around but not been able to find it. My dock is on the left, pinned to the bottom if that matters.
  6. Hacking Leopard GUI

    Could you elaborate on this? I zipped and deleted the 4 scurve files, and on the 3d dock there is still a small strip of light grey at the bottom of the dock. What I'd really like is to get rid of the dock background on the 2D dock. Possible? Thanks.
  7. Time Machine Menu Extra

    Amazing, thank you so much. One less thing in my Dock. Have you noticed any inconsistency in its operation, or do I have nothing to worry about? Thanks again.
  8. Time Machine Menu Extra

    Sweet, I'm going to try this from 9a559. Just copy that folder into the corresponding one on my final Leopard? I'll let you know how it goes. EDIT: I'm an idiot, I guess you need to have one of the dev builds installed...I can't seem to extract it form the install DVD.
  9. Burn Leopard on a Dl

    Are you trying to burn in 9a559? I hope not because it won't work. I reinstalled Tiger to burn the disc, a pain in the ass but worked like a charm. You're going to want to mount the dmg in disk utility and burn it that way, btw.
  10. Modding Leopard's Dock

    Is there any Leopard substitute for ClearDock? I want to get rid of the background altogether, but ClearDck doesn't work in Leopard.
  11. Burning in Leopard

    So I'm running 9a559 right now and just tried to burn the 9a581 dmg to a DL DVD using Disk Utility. It didnt' work. After a bit of searching, I learn that 9a559 doesn't reliably burn DVDs. Will I be able to burn the image in 9a581? Then I could install Leopard from my iPod and just burn a backup disk once the GM is installed. Is this feasable?
  12. C'mon people, someone's gotta have a retail disc to check....
  13. What's the deal with no Boot Camp? Is that something that Apple would really withhold from the DVD and deliver through an update? Just seems a bit weird that it's not included.
  14. I believe that the debate here is whether 9A581 is indeed the GM, not whether or not this is 9A581. I'm pretty certain this is purported as ACTUALLY 9A581. It's just whether this is the same as what will be inside the $129 box.
  15. Call me paranoid after last night's OiNK raid, but realistically how sketchy is signing up for usenext with the credit card info and all that?