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  1. cmaus@mac.com

    Elgato eyetv diversity

    Hmmm, that driver does not work for me :-( I can't get my Diversity stick to run in Windoze XP... Keeps bothering me with those hardware-popup-balloons still...
  2. cmaus@mac.com

    Who thinks we need an AIM update?

    Unnecessesary! ICQ is the only one that hasn't had any update in the last 5 years... iChat is the number one messenger in the world, and guess what - it's based on AIM!!! Anyway, there IS a new AIM-Client for Mac: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/5686/aim.app
  3. cmaus@mac.com

    Music Downloader On Mac

    Never heard of Acquisition?
  4. cmaus@mac.com

    PearPC for Mac OS X (Intel)?

    Hey yo folks, do you know whether PearPC could be compiled for Mac OS X? I wanna run PPC Panther on my Intel iMac. Someone who could compile it? :-)
  5. cmaus@mac.com

    Install Leopard with only 256MB RAM?

    It's just because it's the iMac of a friend of mine...and she does not want to buy any RAM...so could you please tell me how to disable that installation check? Thanks
  6. Hey guys...just wanted to install Leopard on an iMac G5, which has only 256MB memory... Does anyone of you know how to fool the installtions check of Leopard, because it always wants at least 512MB... :-( Thanks
  7. Hey guys, I'm just asking if you can tell me where to find those old Mac OS X 10.1, 10.2, or even 10.3 images. Want to test them...OSX Public Beta won't boot in PearPC for some reason... :-/
  8. When openening a .exe-file... Have you also noticed this:
  9. cmaus@mac.com

    trillian Astra (4.0) on mac os X ?

    Is it leaked somewhere yet? I am a registered Beta-Teste with login, but I didn't receive any download link for the Mac version yet...still...
  10. cmaus@mac.com

    I Killed Leopard Already >.<'

    Mac OS X is not advertised as virus free OS, because it has an outstanfing firewall!!! It's because it doesn't need any! So why would you install stuff you don't really need?
  11. cmaus@mac.com

    Time Machine Menu Extra

    Yes, here you go! Just unzip it and place "TimeMachine.menu" to "/System/Library/Core Services/Menu Extras", then dubble-click on it to add it to your menu bar. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HFJZJB29
  12. cmaus@mac.com

    Time Machine Menu Extra

    Did anyone notice the Time Machine Menu Extra? (It was included in Developer Seeds until 9A499 at least.) Unfortunately, Apple removed it from the retail version. Like every other menu extra, "TimeMachine.menu" was located inside "/System/Library/Core Services/Menu Extras" I found one old Leopard-9A499-DVD, extracted the menu extra, and voila! It still works, and I think it's quite more useful than just the Time Machine Dock icon. Here's what I am talking about:
  13. cmaus@mac.com

    No "Shared"-Section in Finder windows 9A581

    No, because I have turned on "Back to my Mac", installed Leopard on my friend's Mac, but my home Mac didn't show up in his Finder...
  14. Has anyone of you experienced tha as well? The GM version of Leopard does not seem to have a working "Shared"-section in the Finder's sidebar. Too bad! Means no network shares, no Back to My Mac!!! :'(
  15. cmaus@mac.com

    Microsoft Messenger

    Even in Tiger with Safari 3, Microsoft Messenger does NOT crash if you were using the MOST recent version (6.0.3)