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  1. Are you hitting Enter during the initial countdown? Sometimes if you miss hitting Enter it won't launch the installation, and sits at the Darwin boot prompt.
  2. @Donk Things seem to be working out beautifully under ESXi 4U1. Had a hiccup initially on first boot, as it didn't pick up the connected ISO. Cycling the VM power caused it to pick up the connected ISO. Installation seems slow, I'm guessing due to the IDE emulated disk. IIRC, Snow Leopard was slow installing the last time I installed it in a VM, but performed great afterwards under regular load. Kudos Donk. Great work.
  3. Thanks Donk! Can't wait to try when I get home from work. Will post how I make out.
  4. Is it a good idea to install the VMware SVGA II display adapter driver, or is that irrelevant to the ESXi install performance?
  5. lessew

    Patent On the Mac OS X Dock?!

    This patent has been coming for 9 years... it's not a sudden power hungry grab. And the Pystar case is merely being settled out of court... I'm guessing likely because Apple wants to keep any negative publicity (which would be generated whether or not they won) from becoming widespread, as well as prevent any ultimatums being set for future cases.
  6. lessew

    My stolen iPhone story

    Try sending an email to Steve.
  7. If it's full 64 bit, will it run on an original Intel Core DUO based MBP?
  8. lessew

    MBP refurbished

    I have one. I love it, no issues.
  9. lessew

    Imac 24inch

    This should help.
  10. lessew

    OS X & Active Directory

    This page should help you out. http://www.ozzu.com/macintosh-forum/mac-os...ive-t68618.html
  11. If you're going for a Nikon, I'd suggest NOT getting the D40, but rather get the D40x or the D80. I have the D40, and get really great battery life out of it, but it doesn't have auto-bracketing, which is really annoying when it comes to HDR.
  12. lessew


    How big is the file? I've had issues on occasion where if the PSD was around 70 mb or larger it wouldn't render in QuickLook. A smaller size version worked just fine though.