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Which GUI/Desktop Environment are you the most productive in?


GUI/DE Productivity  

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  1. 1. I get the most work done in

    • Windows+ Windows Explorer
    • Mac OS X+ Finder
    • Choice *nix+ KDE
    • Choice *nix+ GNOME
    • Choice *nix+ Xfce
    • Other

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This topic applies to Windows, OS X, and *nix so I just stuck it in the Thunderdome :censored2: . The question is simple: Which GUI/Desktop Environment do you 'Power Use' best?

For me it's Windows. I'm so used to the taskbar and shortcuts; I fly through my Applications and Folders in Windows.

OS X is alright, however (call this silly) I find the Minimize, Maximize, Close buttons to tiny to click (easily)! Also, having the dock on the bottom takes up to much space, but I simply can't adapt to it being on the side.

KDE is very intuitive, I feel at home when using it.

GNOME I don't really like on the other hand, especially when compared to KDE.

I've never used Xfce so I don't have an opinion about it (yet :( ).


What Desktop Environment works the best for you?

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