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Trent Reznor presents Saul Williams' Niggy Tardust!


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Spoken-word and hip-hop artist Saul Williams toured with Nine Inch Nails last year, and Trent Reznor liked him so much that he decided to produce his new album. The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust!, a mind-boggling fusion of genres — think NIN meets Gnarls Barkley meets Justice, if you can do so without your head exploding — will be released tomorrow through Williams's Website as a free download (or you can chip in five bucks to support Saul).


Pretty much, it's a hip-hop Year Zero. I'm halfway through it, and it's the most original thing this year since Year Zero. You can go here, and can download it for free. The free version is 192 kbs MP3. Or, you can pay $5, and get it in 192 kbs MP3, 320 kbs MP3, or FLAC. All formats are DRM free.


And I don't even like rap/hip hop. Seriously...this is some great stuff. Think what Fear Of A Black Planet would sound like if it was released this year.

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