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  1. So each time I rebooted, I was simply met with a kernel panic... So I decided, eff it, I'll reinstall. Lo and behold, upon booting into the leo4all (v3) dvd, I was met with a (mostly) working installation. Peculiar, for sure. Laptop is a lenovo 3000 n100. I'm not sure that this really bothers me, it's just odd... was wondering if anyone else had encountered this? ps: "BSD process name corresponding to current thread: unknownrgs on stack" [edit] ah... ahem. well. funny enough... I forgot it's actually the 4.1 release of leo4all...which is supposedly AMD only... and I installed in on an intel lappy... so... I guess it does somewhat work on intel. My mistake, sorry for the thread. PZ!
  2. dig the production on it, proper oldschool biz. the layered vocal parts rub me a bit wrong, and you sound a bit "tough" for having such nerdy lyrics (but that's ok, who needs another nasally nerd emcee) hmmm... good, funny lyrics... not overly heady, but def geekage.... with kinda a mainstream hiphop sound, which I didn't expect........... I dunno. I'm rambling. cool man, good luck with the cd.
  3. thanks for the heads up, snagging.
  4. could be interesting, sounds a bit paul barman-esque (based on description, naturally) who produced it?
  5. nev6

    PuNk Re-UnIted

    I don't understand some of the replies here. Saying that punk was about DIY, but not anti-(major)record label is kind of contradictory, is it not? I've always identified more with bands like DK, Crass, MC5, etc ... kinda philosophy towards punk. Pretty anti-commercialization, or anti... art-compromisation at least? (maybe a word:P) and since commercialization and major labels kinda hinder your artistry/message (since you're producing a product taking outside opinion into consideration, rather that just making it to say something, or have fun, or whatever...) blah blah blah
  6. nev6

    PuNk Re-UnIted

    you just upped the punk, watch out. meh, I'm done. I don't need to justify my judgement, but I could. Really. Trust me. Serious. ly.
  7. nev6

    PuNk Re-UnIted

    actually they were kinda more whiteboy dub/pop-punk type ...stuff. {censored}, regardless.
  8. sure, no doubt they're good, but I can't see the appeal of having known about them years ago?I would assume a band that's no longer together, or vastly different, or revolutionary in some way... would be a more appropriate choice...no? it's kinda funny you made radiohead two words and chili peppers one...
  9. I'm not talking performance or processing power etc... I'm talking BUILD quality. Solid, dependable machines.
  10. nev6

    Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero

    hahahahahgood one! haha, I think his lyrics have regressed into a PHM state as well...what was that line about slipping on the tears you made me cry?god trent, we were all young at one point, but read some celine or something before writing more trite mope {censored}...
  11. Right, well thought out reply. While I do agree with you.... have you heard ladytron? ? ? they only want you when you're seventeen, when you're twentyone, you're no fun. it's great.
  12. nev6

    Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero

    I thought with teeth sounded like lenny kravitz jamming with ministry
  13. I forgot those were coming out! I don't have anything to play my vhs copy with anymore, haha... cool, thanks for the heads up.