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nForce + AMD


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I have noticed there are absolutely no releases for AMD/nForce users. The "still waiting for root device" message is really pissing a lot of people off.


So... idea.


If there is a way to insert mac.nub's nForce driver into Tubgirl's 10.4.10 release, it would solve a lot of problems.

If anyone told me how to insert drivers into releases, I'd be glad to do it myself.

I have wanted to put a hackintosh for way too much and with mac.nub's genius Intel release, AMD users aren't that far away from using Macs on their PCs.


I have tried using mac.nub's release on my Dimension E521, and it detected my SATA. But that was only a driver test. Since the driver does work, integrating it into another release shouldn't be too hard.


Please reply to this as it will not only help me, but the other hundereds of people punching their monitor trying to install Mac.



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Update / Bump


Tubgirl's release is a pain in the ass on my VM Ware. Any other AMD releases available to inject drivers into?


I found a method to unpack the mkext that boots the CD, and put in kexts to load on bootup. The nForce driver is in mac.nub's release. I need to put that driver and the pkg with the Installation pakage into the AMD CD. Any help appreciated.

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Is it at all possible to install onto an IDE disk to start, then add the kexts to the working install, then use Carbon Copy Cloner (after formatting the drive as MBR not GUID in disk util) and then using the new drive to install from. Just a thought...




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seach for this torrent -


Osx 10.4.10 AMDVM_SSE3 TEST1




tubOsx 10.4.10 AMDVM_SSE3 TEST1


i downloaded and installed the same , seems to be working fine on my amd machine


downloading this right now ;)


it should be done in an hour. i'll test it if it works native and if not i'll inject the nForce kext. i'm all prepared


edit: this release differs from the one I had before. it downloads faster and seems more promising.

i'm on an AMD Athlon x2 3800+ with SSE2/SSE3

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