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  1. 10.6.6 released

    Does Sleep work? I'have the same board and I haven't been able to get it to work yet.
  2. I have iAtkos S3v2 installed and updated to 10.6.5 (smooth upgrade) on my Intel box, Intel C2D E7200, Asus P5k-Pro, nVidia 8800GT 512mb, Asus 23in 1080p HDMI monitor. My problem is that I randomly get a black screen with "Please Reboot...." crash, there doesn't seem to be a common denominator of what causes it either, it's completely random. Then, which is more common, when I try to reboot, right before I get to the chameleon bootloader, I get a blinking cursor, so I will have to reset, and I may have to do this a few times before it finally gets past that point and boots normally, or sometimes I will have to turn it off, and try again. Sometimes I can't get it to boot at all and I will have to settle with Windows 7 for a couple days, then reboot and SLeo boots right up. Any ideas? It happens whether I have the 10.6.5 32/64 SleepEnabler.kext installed or not. I installed it thinking maybe it would fix my monitor not waking from sleep issue. Just the monitor and hard disks are allowed to sleep, but it hasn't.
  3. ALC883 Audio

    I have audio in both x64 and x32 using the Voodoo HDA on my P5K Pro.
  4. I installed SL with my P5K Pro using the DMG from Leo method just fine, but I can't boot it either. just kernel panics. So I'm curious as well if anyone has gotten this board to work. Intel C2D E7200 Asus P5k Pro 4gb RAM 8800GTS 512mb
  5. ALC883 on 10.5.6 doesnt works

    I'm having the same problem with my P5K Pro's ALC 883 after the 10.5.6 update. I tiried the old kexts from before the update with out any luck, or any of the 10.5.6 kext packs. I'm stumped.
  6. No DVD drive with Marvell 88SE6102

    Like how do you mean?
  7. No DVD drive with Marvell 88SE6102

    I have an issue, when I try to burn a cd or DVD Leo will lock up randomly, not every time but if it is a large file that takes awhile to burn it will lock up more often then not, and I will have to reboot to get any functionality back. Any suggestions?
  8. iATKOS 10.5.4 DVD release

    How can I add my own working marvel kext for my IDE drive so I can get rid of the Still Waiting for Root Device error?
  9. Good to know. Since I have Leo as my main OS now I have been thinking of putting it on my larger Windows HD and putting Windows on this drive since I rarely use it except for a few games.
  10. Installed 10.5.5, now what?

    I had the same problem! LOL I have a PowerBook as well, but it has basically passed on, then I remembered everything I was doing before I started the Hackitosh project, and now I am back to using Leo as my main OS and I am loving every moment of it. I rarely use Vista anymore, mainly just for a few games and for my fiance` when she needs a certain app that she likes better in winblows than Leo. But I agree with you, 80% of the fun was the challenge of getting OSX working on my system. I've been playing around with it Since the first working install on AMD machines, and only recently have I upgraded to an Intel rig again which has only made things better. Now I can use the OS as intended instead of just trying to make it work.
  11. No DVD drive with Marvell 88SE6102

    I'm very happy, that was the only thing keeping me from a 100% working Hackitosh
  12. No DVD drive with Marvell 88SE6102

    Sweet! That fixed my IDE burner on my Asus P5K Pro as well.
  13. I did read them. This is what I see. sleepkernel (intel/amd/sse2/sse3) speedstepkernel (intel/amd/sse2/sse3) nforcekernel (intel/sse3) modbinkernel (intel/amd/sse3) Intel only? vanillakernel (intel/sse3) kabylkernel (intel/sse3) with sleep support Edit - After some more tinkering I managed to get everything to work right. I guess all I needed was a nice long night of rest and try again.
  14. I install just fine, but I can't seem to boot at all. So far I get a kernel panic with speedtestkernel, modbinkernel doesn't seem to work, and the sleepkernel has IOATA Error that keeps popping up. Either way I am having problems getting into the OS.. Also I have to boot with -x to boot off the DVD and be able to get anywhere past Choose Your Language screen.
  15. TV-Out working on 6800GS?

    Does TV-Out work yet in Leo? I have a 6800GS and everything is working fantastic except I can't seem to get the TV-Out working. I want to run Front Row on my main tv, when I am booting I get all the messages and everything on the tv (mirrored) but once I boot into the os I get nothing and my main monitor hang with a blue screen and the curser, if I unplug the TV-Out cable and reboot I can boot into Leo fine. I switched to Natit from NVinject and everything is still working, but I still have no luck. I click on Detect Displays and I get nothing, vs. with NVinject I would get a black screen and then I would have to hit the reset button to reboot. Any ideas?