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Help plz!


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Hi all!


I didnt get a response to my post at all, im not quite sure why i used the search function and consulted the wiki, and i think my machine specs are defined enough plus ive described what ive already tried to get it working, so im figuring i probably posted in the wrong section, so here my question one again:


Today i've been trying to get Audio working on my System, specs are as shown in my signature. To get Audio working I tried the following "guides":








The audio chip on my mainboard is a Realtek ALC 850 according to:





In Windows XP DX Diag showed me as Vendor ID: VEN_10B9 and as Device ID: DEV_5455...


I figured the id i had to add to the kext will be: 0x545510b9


Is that right?


After editing the kexts I cleaned the kext cache and refreshed it and afterwards rebooted, still SyS Profiler states: No Information found for Audio Device. Also I cant change the volume...


Can anyone help me fix my sound? Maybe even provide a kext or plist? I'm really desperate to get sound working. Of course you may also contact me via ICQ (279205472) or via pm!


Help much appreciated!





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