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  1. Hey all! I'd like to sell my unibody MacBook from mid 2009. It's the mid-range model with the 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, the 160 GB HDD and of course the SuperDrive. It still has warranty left and to sweeten the deal I'll throw in an Office:Mac student license and my SnowLeopard. Pricewise I was thinking around 850€. For Pics and more details, PM me. cheers
  2. Its my round

    u know that distilled, deionized water is not for drinking right?
  3. Trust the Midas Touch™

    I believe that guy used to be black...hell maybe he was human xD
  4. iPhone or iMac?

    keep the iMac
  5. video converting for iphone

    i just wanted to add the program SUPER to the list. it can handle almost any codec, has presets for iPod, etc. and is pretty easy zo use. u can get it here.
  6. Its my round

    I generally like almost every beer coming from Bamberg, Germany. Rothaus Pils from the Black forest is also really good. When in the states I mostly go for Sam Adams and if available Newcastle Pale Ale or some local micro brewery stuff. As for non alcoholic drinks I love Mountain Dew, they have it in Germany now as well but it seems to taste different than the original. Second favorite is cranberry juice (for those who have seen The Departed: No, I don't have my period xP)
  7. How do i overclock?

    If you plan to OC your CPU make sure you have the following: 1) a Hardware Monitor that shows the CPU's temperature. 2) some sort of CPU intense testing software. I suggest Prime 95 which will be able to push all four cores to their limit. You can download it HERE. Leave it running for about an hour and check on the temps. 3) Decent CPU cooler and airflow in your system. With all that go ahead in your BIOS and start upping the fsb. don't make huge leaps at the beginning take it slowly and alsways test stability with Prime95. If it shows errors it means you CPU clock is set too high. Also at the beginning don't bother about vcore and other stuff. see how far you can push it with stock voltage. You will find much more detailed infos and opinions on overclocking in this forum. Greetings
  8. Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    ava 5/10 i'm not a fan of animated avatars sig 7/10
  9. SPIELE am Hack Mac

    san andreas mit crossover?

    1) Hot Water Music 2) Coheed and Cambria 3) Jimmy Eat World
  11. What is your job?

    i'm just a college student and maybe someday a famous base player *lol*
  12. Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    looks nice i like the pun to master of ceremony
  13. Windows Experience Index Scores

    due to disk transfer rate its 5.3 system specs see signature for cpu i get a 5.5 for memory and graphics a 5.9
  14. What level of school do you attend?

    college here with 3 to 4 years left to go... oh wait 5 to 6 if they let me do my phd
  15. BoySetsFire - Tommorow come today