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  1. Anybody get SLEEP to work?

    If computer goes to sleep by itself everything fine. But when i choose from menubar Apple->Sleep computer restarts. So for the first case it's not "sleeping" or everything works except choosing from menubar? Hope someone understand what i'm talking about UPD: It just seems that working only display sleep.
  2. Ab9 - motheboard Q6600 - cpu 4gb ram SATA HDD IDE DVD-RW Trying to set all preferences and solutions in google ( not yet chameleon patch) Give me com.apple.boot.plist error Please Jas Fix this if you can. I believe you can. Also I'm trying to install from usb flash but it's impossible i think but sadly
  3. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    Please somebody write a guide how to update with kalyway and toh kernel Celeron processor - not core2duo.
  4. Help plz!

    me too!!!!
  5. realtek alc850 - onboard

    kextload AppleAC97AudioIntelICH.kext - when I do this kext load but sound not appear. I change in info.plist everywhere on my 0x545510b9 but this not helped too. Please Could someone write tutorial from fist step like deleting old files to last step. Big thanks and sorry for bad english.
  6. just wait. I have the same configuration. its so long intalled) Now i configure sound lan and video. i hope this will be worked well))
  7. Vendor:10b9 Device 5263 I have this! Where Can i find driver for this? (sorry for english)