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ASUS P5K Drivers

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I have the same motherboard like you. Why when I boot with 10.4.10 Mac Version doesn't start graphic mode ? On the screen appears a message like: info.plist and something and doesn't run.


I have a Asus P5K Deluxe Wi-Fi/AP edition and Kalyway Mac OS X 10.4.10 but doesn't start to boot and install.


I don't know how to fix this problem and I'm noob and I don't know how to find some info or guide to install Mac on my PC. Could you give me some info about it ?


Sorry about the speech: I'm spanish and my english isn't very good.


PD: Is there some threat about Hardware Compatibilty list ? I don't see that and i used the advanced search.



Thank You.

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There is a bash script around that fixes most of the stuff for that board.

It's post install though, you run it from the working osx.


I think this is the one anyway


I've got everything working fine on mine, from memory just using the script.


IDE on this board, that's JMicron PATA isn't it? I'm not sure about support for that in any of the installer disks yet, maybe do a checkup on that.


It might be easiest to get a SATA drive, enable AHCI in bios, disable JMicron.

The install using XXX 10.4.10, with SATA and the bash script was relatively straight forward from memory.

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hello guys (and girls to...)


p5k need AHCI configured in bios tu be compatible with osx... it need at last 0406 bios to activate it on the ich9.


(in fact it is only available on the integrated jmicron controler on 0603 bios (actual bios).


you must downgrade bios by using afubios 122 (the only afubios UNLOCKED)


for the sound, i use the AzaliaAudio installer and replace the special AppleAzaliaAudio.kext.(both inside the archive)


repair permission and restart...


when you do all those things, this is a very good card...


there are some pb actualy,


- network solution ???

-p ATA not recognised...

-serialATA dvdr drive don't want to burn...



but will be resolved quickly...


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Hello again.


I don't know what I must to do to run Mac OS X 10.4.10 Kalyway version. I'm looking for some info but i can't find it.


There are a guide or something like that explaining how to install it ? I need patch my Mac Version to install it on my motherboard ? If it is, how can I find the patches and tutorial to do it ?


Thank You.


PD: Sorry about my leve of english speech.

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hello minnie :D having this ethernet chip working...attansic... :(
I have the same mobo, as I understand it there is not a functional driver for attansic (a Ukraninian was working on it - but development looks abandoned). I ended buying an Intel Pro 1000 and it was recgonized without any drivers (uphuck 10.4.9), but the kernel would panic any time I would try to mount a network volume over any protocol.I installed the included Intel Pro 8255x driver, same thing - kernel panics. I then tried installing "AppleACPIPlatform.kext from 10.4.8" patch (included with Uphuck 10.4.9) and violla - now works at full duplex gigabit speeds - no problems transffering lots of data. ;)
hello guys (and girls to...)you must downgrade bios by using afubios 122 (the only afubios UNLOCKED)
All the links for afubios that I can find are dead. Can you post it for me or tell me where I can download it pretty please??That would be awesome! I only have two Jmicron ports and I need at least three SATA drives! :P
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afubios 122 ? I can't find neither the application "afubios" nor the version number "122" (assuming that the correct name is afudos).

Can anyone please confirm the name of the application and number version ? Is it AFUDOS 2.21 ?

Please confirm it.



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